The Times, (The London Times) 27-2-1806, Catholic Committee Meeting in Navan 1806

The following information is communicated in a private letter from Dublin.

Lord Fingal has been served with a notice, requiring him to attend at the house of the Attorney General, and to shew course why a criminal information should not be filed against his lordship, for having presided at a meeting at Navan for the election of delegates to the Catholic Committee.

The Hon. Mr. Barnwall (son of Lord Trimbelson) who attended the same meeting, was served with a similar notice, for having undertaken the office of delegate. The Catholic Committee or Convention was determined to meet on the 19th of this month, and debate every clause of their petition, as the General Committee did last year, and the beginning of the present.

The Times, (The London Times), 1st Oct. 1828, The Catholic Association Meath Meeting:

The approaching county meeting at Navan on Tuesday next, it is expected, will present a most imposing appearance, Lord Bective and Sir Marcus Sommerville the two members, and several Protestants of rank will attend. The amount of property possessed by the requisitionists alone, exceeds the sum of £200,000 annually. From every extremity of the county applications pour in for tickets of admission to the dinner.