The Times, (The London Times ), 24th September 1825:

The Rev. Mr. Sheridan PP of Yellow Furs, between Slane and Navan a few nights since hearing an unusual noise at the window of his bedroom, seized a stick which happened to be convenient to him, and arrived at the window just as a fellow was on the point of entering, whom he knocked down. Three of the villain’s associates rushed to the window, and assailed the priest with clubs, having no fire arms.

The priest knocked down two of them, and was himself knocked down by the third, when he was robbed of his cash, watch and other valuables. It was known that he had received a considerable subscription for the building of a new chapel, which however had been so concealed as to elude the researches of the robbers. In the morning Sir Marcus Sommerville and Mr. Lambert exerted themselves to discover the villains, we regret without effect.