When you are visiting areas of interest around Navan such as Ardmulchan Church, Bective Abbey and Rathmore Castle have a look at the surrounding landscape.  This landscape was formed 10,000 years ago at the end of the last Ice Age.

In Geological Time we are in the Holocene.  This covers from 10,000 years ago up to modern times. 10,000 years is not so long ago when you consider that Newgrange is 6,000 years old. 20,000 years ago Navan was completely covered by ice.  The Holocene in Ireland is the post glacial period.

The last glaciation or ice age occurred between 73,000  and 10,000 years ago.  This had a huge influence on both the landscape and underlying geology of Ireland and Navan.  Since the great ice sheets melted, the  action of present day rivers,  the infilling of lakes, along with the formation of peat bogs and development of beaches and other coastal features, have been the main natural processes affecting the shape and character of our ever changing landscape.

Read: The Boyne Valley in the Ice Age by Robert T Meehan and William P. Warren published by The Geological Survey of Ireland.

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