Petitions to Parliament and House of Lords

The petitions below are from The London Times on the dates stated

House of Lords, 15 Feb 1831:

The Earl of Darnley presented a petition for reform: also a petition from Navan, praying that the Catholic Chapel at that place might be enlarged at the expense of the parish, by an assessment on land.

House of Commons, 17 Feb 1831:

Lord Killeen presented petitions from Navan and two other parishes in Meath, for the repeal of the Vestry Act and the abolition of tithes.

House of Commons, 18 Feb 1831:

Mr. O’Brien presented a petition from Navan, in Ireland, praying for the repeal of the Sub-letting Act.

House of Commons, 3 March 1831:

Daniel O’Connell, the hon. Member presented a petition from Navan for an inquiry into, and reduction of, the Irish pension list.  There was the case of the late Mr. Leonard McNally, for example, which alone would justify his intended motion.  The aforementioned had been for 18 years in the receipt of a pension of £300 from the Irish Government, he being employed all the time as counsel for the defendants against Crown prosecutions; and the fact of his being thus a pensioner only transpired through accident after his death.

House of Lords, 15 March 1831:

O’Connor Don presented a petition Roscommon, Boyle and Navan against the misappropriation of the funds intended for the education of the general poor of Ireland, without religious distinction, by an exclusive of high church party, called the Kildare-street society.  He was a willing and experienced witness of the anxiety of the Roman Catholic peasantry of Ireland to bestow on their children the benefits of education, and could not but lament that such a praiseworthy disposition should be completely marred by the proselytizing system on which the society acted (hear).

House of Commons, 8 Sept 1831:

Lord Killeen presented a petition from the Roman Catholic inhabitants of Navan, in the County Meath praying the yeomanry of Ireland be disbanded.

Lord Killeen presented a petition from the bakers of the town of Navan, with respect to regulating their hours of work.

The Times, - 5 April 1867:

Petition presented to Parliament by Mr. Corbally M.P. from the magistrates of petty sessions of Kells, Navan, Ballivor, Moynalty and Georges Cross, county Meath for closing public houses on Sundays.

House of Lords, 16 May 1854 ~ Sedition Meetings in Ireland

The Marquis of Westmeath rose to move for copies of any correspondence held between the Lord Chancellor of Ireland and the Marquis of Westmeath  respecting Fulke Southwell Greville, Esq., a magistrate of that county, having been present and a part to certain language held on the 17th January last at a meeting at Navan, in the county of Meath; and of any correspondence between the Lord Chancellor and Mr. Greville respecting the same.

The meeting in question was a political one.  It could not be called an electioneering meeting, because there was no election, and it was after Parliament had been returned.  In the publicised accounts of the proceedings 52 names of Catholic clergymen were given as having been present, together with a great many others, said by the reporter to be too numerous to mention.  The noble marquis gave a detailed account of the proceedings of the meeting and of the toasts proposed, the first of these being the health of Pope Pius IX, which was received with immense acclamation, while the health of the Queen, which came some third or fourth on the list was merely received “in the usual manner”.  The toast “the Hierarchy of Ireland” which was couple with the health of “the Lord Bishop of Meath” was also received with infinite jubilation, in utter defiance of the law chose to term himself, being an individual who has been assiduously engaged for a long time past, in common with the other Popish priests in Ireland, in doing his best to disturb the peace of the country which gave them protection and to endanger its institutions.

Note: The Marquis received no support from his fellow lords and withdrew the motion.


Navan Water Supply: The Times, 1 Dec 1896

Private Bill Legislation in the House of Commons-Miscellaneous Provisional Orders - Navan Water Supply.