War of Independence

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Newspaper Reports:

The Times, 8 April 1920:

At 3.30 yesterday morning soldiers arrived in Navan, Co. Meath, and arrested two men, one a hardware merchant's assistant, and the other a newsagent. The military also arrested two men yesterday morning at Bective, five miles distant. The four men who were taken from their beds, were placed in a military motor lorry and taken to the Curragh. No charge was prefered against them.

The Times, 5 Oct 1920:

A Sinn Fein Court was raided by police and soldiers at Navan, Co. Meath, yesterday and documents were seized.

While a Sinn Fein quarter session court was sitting at Navan today, at which six soldiers and nearly 100 people were present, policemen, accompanied by soldiers, entered and seized all the documents, including solicitors' briefs, searched the members of the court, and the litigants and their solicitors, and took the names of all present.

The Times, 12 Nov 1920:

Constable Frederick Clifford, of the Royal Irish Constabulary, a native of London, was seriously injured last evening in the town of Navan by the accidental explosion of a bomb. Clifford was driving a police motor car containing several bombs along a narrow passage to the barrack yard, when one of them exploded and he was badly wounded in the body and legs.

The Times, 11 Jan 1921: Attack on Longwood and Trim Barracks.

A relief party of military and police coming from Navan were fired on at Robinstown, and the soldiers used their Lewis gun. Owing to the cutting of telegraph and telephone wires over an area of several miles, it became necessary to use aeroplanes to scout for military parties engaged in patrol work.

The Times, 9 April 1921:

At Navan on Thursday afternoon Sergeant Johns R.I.C. was shot as he sat watching the races from the grandstand. His condition is serious.