1.1 Ardbraccan House, Bellinter House and Summerhill House all have something in common. What was it?

1.2 Name the Scottish tycoon who built Ardmulchan Castle in response to his wife's love of hunting.

1.3 What was the fate of Gibbstown House in the 1950s?

1.4 How many arches has old Kilcarne Bridge?

1.5 Where would you find the White Quarry?

1.6 Where in Navan would you see the following from St. Mark's Gospel "I was sick and you visited me." ?

1.7 There is a milestone in Canon Row. What town is named on it?

1.8 Name the first complete lock on the Boyne canal at the Navan end.

1.9 Where was the Market House in Navan?

1.10 Where in Navan is "Curry's Cross"?

1.11 What famous castle are the gates of St. Marys Catholic Church reputed to have come from?

1.12 In what cemetery in the Navan area is the centre piece taken from Summerhill House?

1.13 How did Bedford Place get its name?

1.14 In 1845 Daniel O'Connell held a great meeting near Navan. Where?

1.15 In 1875 Meath elected a famous and controversial member of parliament. Who was he?

1.16 Name the Meathman who pioneered the growing of tobacco in Ireland and stated that if his curing process was a success the industry would spread all over Ireland

1.17 In the winters of 1879, 1891,1898, 1940 what happened on the Boyne "which was the cause of great merriment for the young" according to the Meath Chronicle?

1.18 On 15th December 1941 what cinema opened for business in Navan?

1.19 In 1983 Robert Mugabe was in Grange, Dunsany for what purpose?

1.20 In 1992 the headlines were " St. Patrick bids farewell to Tara". What was the occasion?

1.21 How did Canon Row get its name?

1.22 What is the significance of "gate" in Trimgate and Watergate Streets?

1.23 What was Railway Street called before the railway came to Navan?

1.24 Where was the Navan Cricket ground origally located?

1.24 What minerals are mined by Tara Mines-Boliden?

1.25 What sporting activity ended in Navan in 1999?

1.26 Where is Babes Bridge?

1.27 What humble building in Leighsbrook collapsed on Christmas Day 1772?

Navan People

2.1 In 1806 a Navan man invented a wind measuring scale from zero to 12.. Who was he?

2.2 Who is Navan O'Mahonys Gaelic Football Club named after?

2.3 He was born in Slane in 1826. He worked as a priest in America. A housing estate in Navan is called after him. He wrote an Irish grammar book. He died in 1872. Who is he?