Curraghtown- Ardbraccan Parish

Baile an Churraigh, town of the marsh or swampy moor.

Curraghtown: John O'Donovan.

Curraghton: Inq temp Elizabeth

Curraghton: Inq temp. Jac. 1

Curraghton: Inq. temp. Car.1.

Curraghstowne: Inq. temp. Gul. & Mary.

Curraghstowne: Down Survey Maps.

Curraghtowne: Civil Survey 1654-56.

This townland is situated on the south extrememity of the parish.

It is bounded on the north by the townlands of Mullaghmore alias Allerstown, Boyerstown and Hanlonstown.

It is bounded on the east by Gainstown.

It is bounded on the south by the parish of Rataine.

It is bounded on the west by the parish of Churchtown.

It contains 329 acres 2 roods 6 perches, statute measure, and is all under cultivation.  It is held under leases renewable for ever by the Rev. J.W. Charlton of Oldcastle, Mr Young of Philpotstown, Rataine, and Miss Smith of Dublin, and is underlet at from 35 shillings to 50 shillings per acre.  The soil is good heavy clay and produces:- 10 barrels of wheat, 16 barrels of oats, or 100 barrels of potatoes per acre.

Agreeable to the will of the late proprietor Captain Charlton, the rent of the whole townland is utilised in the following manner:- Each young woman who marries a labourer receives 6 (six) guineas provided she has a certificate signed by the Priest, Church Minister, Magistrate, or Church Warden of her parish.

The old Mansion House stands near the east side of the townland, but is greatly out of repair.  The road from Navan to Rataine passes nearly through the centre of the townland. Size of farms, from 2 to 100 acres.  There is only one Protestant family in the townland; the remainder are Roman Catholics.
County Cess is 1 shilling 2 pence per acre per half year.