Ballybatter or New Balreask in Navan Civil Parish.

Ordnance Survey Field name Book 1835-1836.

Baile an Bhothair: town of the road.
Baile Reisg: town of the morass.
Balreask: Larkin's Map.
Ballreske: Inqs. temp. Jac. 1 and Car. 1.
Ballresk: Inq. temp. Car. 1.
Ballybater: Inq. temp. Car. 1.
Ballreiske: Down Survey.
Ballibater: Down Survey.
Ballreask Civil Survey.
Balbater: Civil Survey.

This townland is bounded on the east by Kilcarn parish.

It is bounded on the south by Ardsallagh parish and the townland of Ballagh alias Boynehill.

It is bounded on the north by Old Balreask townland.

Its nearest market town is Navan, 1 1/2 miles distant.

The road from Trim to Navan passes near it western boundary; that from Kilmessan passes near its eastern boundary; and the road from Athboy to Kilcarn village forms its northern boundary. This village is outside of its northern boundary at the north east corner. The Boyne river forms its east boundary.


Archaeological Inventory of County Meath, compiled by Michael J. Moore, (Dublin 1987)
p. 182
1826 - Ballybatter or Balreask New / Balreask Old/ Kilcarn
OS 25:15:4 (53.8, 1.3) 'Kilcarn Bridge' OD 137 N 8843, 6530
- Brisge of eleven arches, channel now confined to four larger ones in centre. Bridge has been widened and wicker centering survives in third arch from E bank.   SMR 25:39   3/9/1984