1641 Depositions

The 1641 Depositions (Trinity College Dublin, MSS 809-841) are witness testimonies mainly by Protestants, but also by some Catholics, from all social backgrounds, concerning their experiences of the 1641 Irish rebellion.

The testimonies document the loss of goods, military activity, and the alleged crimes committed by the Irish insurgents, including assault, stripping, imprisonment and murder.  This body of material is unparalleled anywhere in early modern Europe, and provides a unique source of information for the causes and events surrounding the 1641 rebellion and for the social, economic, cultural, religious, and political history of seventeenth-century Ireland, England and Scotland.

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We have here some depositions that mention Navan, but the Trinity College website dealing with the depositions, which you can join for free, has an excellent search engine which will allow you to look for your own area of interest to see if it has a mention in the testimonies too.

Depositions that mention Navan

Reference: MS 809, fols 122r-123v, Date: 6/11/1641 fol. 122r

The Examinacion of Bryan Ó'Hara of Co Coolrakill in the County of Sligo taken before us Sir Richard Bolton knight Lord Chanc of Ireland & Sir Gerrard Lowther knight Lord Chief Justice of his Maiesties Court of the Common Pleas &c the 6th day of November 1641.

This examinant saith that he was borne at Coolrakill in the County of Sligo & that he was a Souldier in the last expedicion in the North of Ireland under the command of Coronell Buttler & that he since he was disbanded he was up & downe in the Country in the North untill wednesday last was fortnight County of Lowth & the County of Meath untill wednesday last was fortnight and he came and then came from the Navan unto this Towne with purpose to gett his liuing by catching & making up of herrings & that upon Thursday was fortnight he went to the place where herrings were taken & there made up two barrells of herrings & gott a penny worth of Tobacco for his labor & came backe to his lodging on friday at night and on Satursday morning was apprehended
The marke of (mark) Bryan Ó'Hara
Ri: Bolton Canc
Gerrard Lowther

fol. 122v, fol. 123r, fol. 123v,  6to Novembris 1641
The Examinacion of Bryan ô Hara.

This examinacion doth contayne but a light suspition

Gerard Lowther
Richard Bolton


Reference: MS 816, fols 128r-128v   Date: 10/1/1642 fol. 128r

Thomas Page of Dorremston in the parish of Arbrackan in the Baroney of the Navan and Co of Meath being duely sworne saith That on the 23 day of Nouember now Last past or thereabouts he was at Dorremston robbed & dispoyled of goods of the value following of Corne in the haggard & sowen in the ground and fallow worth foure skoore & sixteene pounds, of plow horses plowgh plowharnes & other Cattell woorth threeskoore pounds of one haggard of Corne in Allenston in the possession of Sir William Hill worth one hundred pounds of Toorfe, Heaye & foorse worth eight pounds of hous all houshould goods & other stoofe belonging therevnto to the vallue of twentie pounds, of a lease of his house & Land woorth thirtie pounds. In all amounting to three hoondred & forteene pounds ster By or by the meanes of Ollever Lotterall of Tw Tankardston, Richard Brimingham of Dorremston, & Robart Nettrfeeld of KnockComber gentleman

Thomas Page, jurat coram nobis, 10mo Januarij 1641
Roger Puttock
William Aldrich
These are turned fallen to Mass, Mary ffurnevall and hir children Nicholas Lock, Tho: ffurnevall, John Moris, Pat: Drum

Roger Puttock
William Aldrich


Reference: MS 816, fols 087r-087v,   Date: 28/2/1642, fol. 87r

William Meoles Deane of Clonmacknosh, & parson of Ardbrackan in the Barony of the Navan within the Diocess of Meath being duly sworne deposeth that when he Left Ardbrackan the place of his residence about the 25th of October Last 1641 he had in the posession as of right belonging to him the particulars here undernamed, & is deprived thereof by the now Rebellion
In household goods about the value of fourescore pounds

In plate about the value of twenty sixe pounds

In Corne, Hay & Turfe about the value of threescore pounds
In Cattell about the value of fourescore & three pounds
In horses, Mares & Colts about the value of thirty two pounds
In swine & poultrey about the value of five pounds
In sheep about the value of fifty pounds
In Bookes about the value of threescore fifty pounds
A Clocke, & a watch worth about eight pounds
Gold rings, a Jewell, & some coyne to the value of about twelue pounds
Debts owing to this Deponent, whereof most is due from such as hee heareth are now in Rebellion three hundred & threescore pounds, or thereabout
This Deponent further deposeth that about three yeares ago he bestowed in building on the Church Land belonging to him as parson of Ardbrackan two hundred pounds, or thereabout, which building is now much defaced by the Rebels, as this Deponent is credibly informed
This Deponent also about May day Last gave to one Mr Henry Plunckett of Eskerone, within the the Countey of Meath the summe of forty pounds, being one whole yeares Rent for the Land of Stonetowne in the same Countey, demised to this Deponent by Lease for the space of 35 yeares, by the sayd Henry Plunckett, who receyved the sayd forty pounds upon this Deponents entring vpon the sayd Land of Stonetowne, so that by reason of the now Rebellion this Deponent receyved Little or no benefitt out of the sayd Land in consideration of the sayd Rent, which he payd before-hand

fol. 87v

The whole amounteth to the summe of one thousand & sixeteen e pounds sterling soe deposeth Will: Meoles Deane of Clonmacknosh

Randall Adams
Roger Puttock


Reference: MS 816, fols 188r-189v,  Date: 5/7/1642, fol. 188r

The Examination of James Pennituke of DonnoPatrick, neare unto the Navan in the Countie of Meath yeoman, taken the ffift daie of Julie 1642.  Before me Chancellor of his Maiestis Court of Exchequer; By direction of the right honnorable the Lordes Justice & Councell.
Who being sworne & Examined, saith, that he this Examinant being an Inhabitant of the said Towne of Donnopatrick, was there robbed, & could not get thence, untill the comeing of part of the kings Army, of late from Trim, unto the said Towne; And further saith that on Satturday last was seavenight, there was a Gennerall meeteing of the Lordes & gentlemen, upon a hill neare unto Kells where (as this Examinant understood by some then present) there met, the Lord of Gormanstowne, the Earle of ffingall, the Lord of Slaine, Sir Richard Barnwall, Cusack of Garrattstowne, Beatagh of Moynaltagh, & his two sonnes Patrick, & Edward Beatagh a Captaine, Captaine Mabb, Captaine Cruce, Captaine Barnwall sonne of Barnwall of Robertston, Captaine Edward, Sonne of Edward of Karmellstowne, One Captaine Barnwall, a neare Kinsman of

fol. 188v

Barnwall of Turvins, who takes up his the said Barnwalls Rents, Captaine Jans sonne unto Alderman Jans, Captaine James Cusack Captaine, sonne unto Cusack of Rathhalran, & two sonnes of Thomas ffleming of the Cabrough both Captaines. And this Examinant likewise saith that at the said meeteing, it was first propounded, that every gentleman should send forth a horseman; But afterwardes by the agreement concluded on, every Lord & gentleman were to come unto the same place of meeteing formerly mentioned, the next Tuesday following, as well attended & waited on with horse, as possible they might or could make. And also saith that Robert Nangle now in restraint in this Cyttie hath three Sonnes, Troopers amongst the Rebells, who ioyne commonlie with one Nicholas Ash & his Companie, & they together committ many villainies, And this Examinant further saith that Sir Richard Barnwall Barronett hath of his owne raiseing & under his command, about one hundred horse, & that the purpose of the said Lords & gentlemen is to set upon takeing of the Towne of Trim. And to this purpose they Expect aide from the ffarralls, & out of West Meath, & had receiued succours from the Relies for the said Service, had not the report of the comeing of the Scotts into the Counties of Tirone & Monoghan, diverted the said Relies. And this Examinant also saith that sundrie of the Merchants

fol. 189r

of the Navan do weekely resort unto a Towne called Dowth, neare unto Drogheda, belonging unto Sir John Netterfeild, where they receiue from some of Drogheda, Salte, Hopps, Tobacco, and other Commodities necessaries. And whence they, the Merchants of the Navan aforesaid do so plentifuly furnish themselues, as they store all the Countrie, & send great store into the Countie of Cavan. And Lastlie this Examinant saith that of late the Lord of Gormanston & the rest, have forbidden the sale of any more Tobacco, in regard the same takes out of the Countrie, theire mony

James Penytouck
Rob Meredith


Reference: MS 816, fols 171r-172v, Date: 26/7/1642, fol. 171r

Hughe Kent of the Navan in the Countie of Cava Meathe gent and Katherin his wife and Margrett Owin their servant sworne and examjned deposeth and sayth e That since the begining of the present Rebellion vizt in the month of November 1641 He, this deponent Hugh Kent was by the Rebells in the Countie aforesaid forceibly  expelled deprived robbed or otherwise dispojled of his goodes & chattells of the values followinge vizt

of beasts and Cattle worth xxj li.

of horses mares & geldinges worth 30 li.

of Corne worth in the hagard & ground of & Hay worth CCxxx li.

howshold goodes provition & plate worth CCxxviij li. 14 s.

due debts amounting to four e score one hundre th & eight pounds

And the deponent Hugh Kent was also deprived & dispoyled by the Rebells of the possession and proffitts of his farme in the parish of the Navan which he holdeth had by leas from the Lord Ranelaghe for 30 yeres yet in beinge worth 30 li. per annum clerely whereof he accompteth one yeres value to be already lost, and from the possession and proffitts of another farme comonly which in called Pallemin which he had by leas from Thomas Nangle Baron of the Navan for ten yeres yet in being worth clerely per annum xxx li.: Whereof also he accompteth one yeres proffitt to be already Lost: And that this deponent Hugh Kent is Like to be deprived of the future proffits of both the said farmes untill a peace be established both being worth 60 li. per annum when the Rebellion began threescore powndes per annum: And further theis deponents say that the Rebells within the said County since the Rebellion began Have burned and spoyled within the towne of

fol. 171v

Navan aforesaid & upon the said farmes six of the said Hu: Kents howses the building whereof cost him the summe of three hundreth powndes & that by the Rebellion he is deprived of Debts duly owing Eighty five powndes Horses Mares Colts & implements of husbandry xxxiij li. swyne worth five pownds. So his whole present losses come to one thowsand threescore fowrscore seven pownds And further sayth that the parties hereafter mentioned being are all actors in the presente Rebellion & have aided carried armes with and for the other Rebells and have Joined together in Robbing and oppressing of the protestants and tooke amongst them severally divers partes of this deponent s Hugh Kents goodes are vizt vizt Thomas Nangle Esquire called the Baron of the Navan, Tho: Nettervile of Black Castle gentleman, Patrick Maning of the Navan gentleman ,James Maning of the same Merchant, Edmund Maning gent of the same gent, & Patrick Begg of the same Merchant, Thomas Morgan of the Navan Inkeeper, James Rean Tanner, John Howen Butcher, Edmund Mullegan Merchant, Thomas Colly Butcher, Patrick Gallegan Taylor, John Beatagh yeoman, Edmund Warren merchant, all of the Navan aforesaid Robert ffay a popish preist, whoe forceibly tooke from the deponent Hugh Kent all his plate & divers other goodes James Tallan of the same Navan Merchant, Thomas Dellahyde of the same Merchant, Ric McShemonn of Simondstowne in the parrish of Dunaghmore in the County of Meath farmer, Patrick fitz Walter of the same farmer, Hugh Martin of the Navan Cottier, Alsoone Rorke the wife of John Cavan, Richard Welsh of the Navan yeoman, John Morgan of the same Merchant, Richard Read of the same glover, Henry Erwood of the same Merchant, Patrick Michell of the same weaver, Patrick Tallan of the same Merchant, James Murrey of the same Labourer & William Rely of the same Merchante & James Kelly of the same Merchant.

Hughe Kent
Signum [mark] Katherine Kent
Signum [mark] Margarete Owin
Jur xxvjo Julij 1642
Will: Aldrich, Hen: Brereton

fol. 172r
Meath Mr Hugh Kent Jur., 26 July 1642,

Mr Tho: Griffin beyond Mr Waterhowse

Henry Brereton
William Aldrich


Reference: MS 816, fols 228r-228v,  Date: 7/4/1643, fol. 228r

Ann Painter Late of the Navan in the County of Meath widow sworne and examined deposeth and saith That about the tyme of the begining of the present Rebellion the Rebells at forceibly entered the howse of her this deponent & her husband at Navan aforesaid & then and there barbarously murthered her said husband & her eldest sonne: and that done forceibly deprived robbed s & dispoyled her of all her goods and Chattells, worth CCli. ster: And quickly after one Edmund Manning of the Navan aforesaid a Principall Rebell pulled downe the deponents howse 250 li. carried the materialls thereof away & Layd soe made waste her farm By which she was dampnified ffifty pownds CC li. more And saith that the parties Rebells that so robbed & dispojled her did alsoe robb & dispojle Mr Roger Puttock Clark deceased and all other her Protestant neighbours The names of which Rebells are theis that follow vizt the said Edmund Manning, Patrick his sonn, Robert Marthey, James Cane, Thomas  Begg, & generally all the rest of the Papists in the towne of Navan aforesaid, whose names she cannot expresse And further saith that the Rebells after they had about Christmas 1641 suffered some of the English to go out of the towne of Navan aforesaid seemed to be very sorrowfull for the same: Saying that thenceforth no English man shold passe from them nor should Live: Becawse they shold not ryse nor joyne with the rest of the English against them And thereupon they the Rebells most cruelly fell upon her said husband & her son as aforesaid and murthered them & 4 more English Protestants at Navan aforesaid: And the Rebells alsoe killed one Mr Robert ffisher Register of the Consistory of Meath as he was comeing towards Dublin. This deponent further sayth that she hath heard the Rebells commonly say that they repented they suffered any English to passe safe to Dublin for that thay then hoped that the stripped English would go have gone directly toward England but and not joyned together in a body to fight against them
Anne [mark] Painter her marke
Jurat April 7th 1643
Joh Watson
Will: Aldrich


Reference: MS 816, fols 246r-247v,  Date: 9/11/1652, fol. 246r

The examinacion of Martin Nangle of the Navan in the Countie of Meath gentleman aged thirty three yeares or thereabouts taken the sixth day of November 1652 before Sir Gerrard Lowther knight, Sir Edward Bolton knight, and Thomas Dongan Esquire Comissioners for administracion of Justice Oyer and Terminer and Gaole delivery &c. in and throughout the Province of Leynster except the Counties of Kilkenny & Wexford
Whoe being duely sworne and examined deposeth and sayeth that about Christmass hollydayes next after the breaking forth of the Rebellion he came from Rathmore in the sayd Countie unto the Towne of the Navan aforesayd to see his ffather whoe then Lived there, and at that tyme comming also to the howse of Robert Muchan, his this examinants ffosterfather, he found there Wynifred Langford daughter to Richard Langford whoe as this examinant heard was before that tyme lately murdred but by whom this examinant knoweth not, And fynding the sayd Wynyfred in very poore Condicion, he took pitty on her, and at his sayd ffosterfathers and her owne intreatie, he went with her to Patrick Begg of the Navan, aforesayd merchant, whoe, (as the sayd Wynifred informed him) had her fathers goods and some part of her owne goods; and very earnestly intreated the sayd Begg to give her some releefe out of her fathers sayd goodes for the present which the sayd Begg refused to do, alleaging, that he had none of her fathers goods, nor of hirs, yet vpon the examinants earnest intreaty, he did at last, deliver unto her one ould Pettycote and Wastcote of her owne, which is all this examinant could get from him for the sayd Wynifred, And being demaunded whether, at that tyme, he called her a Protestant Bastard, and that if she would not leave trubling of him, he would have her head cutt of as he had her fathers head cutt of, he sayth that he doth not remember that he spoke any such words unto her at that tyme And this examinant doth not further depose
Martin Nangle
Gerrard Lowther
Edw: Bolton
Tho: Dongan

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