The Clinton Petition


The Petitioners were Robert de Clynton (Clinton) and John de Clynton (Clinton).

The petition was addressed to King Edward 111.

Navan and Ardsallagh are places mentioned in the petition.

Other people mentioned in the petition are:

Barnabe Nangle

William Nangle, son of Barnabe Nangle

Barnabe Nangle, son of Barnabe Nangle

Thomas More

John Plunket

Richard Plunket

Roger de Mortimer

Nature of the Request

The Clyntons request that the king have regard to inspect their charters and releases concerning Barnabe Nangle's grant of the manors of Navan and Ardsallagh which are contrary to an inquisition which saw them disseised (dispossesed) of the manors without answer against the statute, and that they be granted that they can hold the manors in their former estate finding sufficient surety if the king wishes.  They were disseised because the inquisition found that they only been granted the same for a term of years, and following the death of William Nangle the same were taken into the king's hand because of the minority of his brother.


The petition is answered that Robert de Clynton have his charters, writings and other evidence which he has concerning this business before the chancellor and others of the council on Wednesday after the feast of St. Paul, 41 ( Edw. 111 ), to receive justice.  At the day he appeared and declared that he did not have any of the evidence and withdrew.


The petition dates to 1366 as the response calls one of the petitions to come before the chancellor and council on the Wednesday next after the feast of the conversion of St. Paul, 41 Edw. 111 ( 27 January 1367 ).  This fits well with the dating of a detailed entry in the close rolls relating to the petition.

You can see the original document at and search SC 8/162/8088

A copy of the original document, courtesy of the National Archives, Kew, is at History/Timeline.