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(Above) Silver Badge of Cumann na mBan

Cumann na mBan was founded on the 2nd April 1914 as an auxiliary to the Irish Volunteers.  Their first President was Agnes O'Farrelly.  Although they had their own command structure, they were largely subservient to the Irish Volunteers.

The first Constitution of Cumann na mBan stated that the aims of the organisation were:

1.  To advance the cause of Irish liberty.

2.  To organise Irish women in furtherance of this objective.

3.  To assist in arming and equipping a body of Irishmen for the defence of Ireland.

4.  To form a fund for these purposes to be called  "The Defence of Ireland Fund".

Source:  Irish Times / Freeman's Journal / Irish Independent 3rd April 1914


Following the split between John Redmond's National Volunteers and the Irish Volunteers, Cumann na mBan, at its Convention in Nov. 1914, decided to follow the minority Irish Volunteers led by Eoin McNeill.

There were 42 affiliated branches before the Rising of 1916.


Navan and District Cumann na mBan

Miss Mollie Stapleton                                 The Commons, Navan

Miss Seuig Stapleton                                  The Commons Navan

Miss Julie McGuirk                                      The Commons Navan

Miss Julia Boyle                                           The Commons Navan

Miss Mary Boyle                                          The Commons Navan  (Died in U.S.A. 1958)

Mrs L. Clarke                                               Brews Hill Navan

Mrs Jn.? MacNamidhe                                   Canon Row Navan (d.1952)

Mrs Wm.? Walsh (née Ellen Cahill)                 Navan   (d.1948)

Miss Alice Cahill (Mrs B.Mahon)                    Navan

Miss May Swan                                             Balreask, Kilcairne, Navan

Miss Cáit Lalloway                                        Ludlow St. Navan

Miss Margaret Austin                                    Farganstown, Navan

Miss Josephine Austin                                   Farganstown, Navan

Mrs Pk. Fitzsimons (née Margaret Russell)     Navan

Miss Annie King                                             St. Finian's Terrace Navan

Mrs Jn. Boland                                               St. Finian's Terrace Navan

Mrs Jn. Brien (née Molly Brogan)                    Navan

Mrs T. Kinsella (née Kathleen Sherry)             Navan

Miss Cato Sheeran                                         Flower Hill, Navan (d. 1955)

cumann na mban uniform

Miss Anne Sheeran                                        Flower Hill

Miss Maisie Cahill                                          Navan

Miss Elizabeth Kielty (Mrs T. Hilliard)             Navan

Mrs Jn. Giles                                                  Boyne Rd. Navan

Mrs C. O'Conaill                                            Boyerstown, Navan

Mrs Chr. Clerkin                                           Ludlow St. Navan


Certified by Mrs L. Clarke Brews Hill Navan

mick hilliard



Uniform of Cumann na mBan


Sources: Military Archives of Ireland available online.

Military Service Pension Collection

MA/MSPC/CMB/145 Navan & District Coys., Meath 4th Bn.,  2nd Brigade

Joseph E.A. Connell   - Cumann na mBan - writing in History Ireland May-June 2013