Navan Urban District Council

The Railway Companies and the Telephone (1909)

A letter was read from Mr. Plews, stating that the GNR Company had agreed to become subscribers to the telephone system in Navan, and would have an instrument put into the goods office.

Chairman: They are the very people we want - The Midland Great Western Railway having written that they could not see their way at present to incur the expense of a telephone at Navan Station, the Clerk was directed to write again to them.

Note: The Great Northern Railway Company station was in Railway Street and linked Navan to Drogheda. The Midland Great Western Railway Station (link) the Cash and Carry on the Carriage Road and linked Navan to Dublin.  This is the line of the proposed new railway Navan to Dublin.

Source: Meath Chronicle 3 April 1909


Telephone Extension in Meath  (1910)

At the request of Colonel Dugald Stuart, Mr Halford and other influential residents, the telephone system has been extended to Kilcairne.  The houses of the gentry in that locality are now connected with Navan, and a few moments may bring the Kilcairne lady or gentleman into actual converse with the butcher, baker or grocer of the town.  For this privilege the user pays a moderate annual charge.  For a small extra fee he may be "switched on" to Dublin or any of the large provincial towns.

A public "call office" has been opened in the same locality, where, on payment of 3d any manner of person may "ring up" the usually wide awake Navan trader.

Mr Parker, the energetic postmaster of Navan, who has done much towards popularising the telephone around that district, was present at the formal opening of Kilcairne "Call Office".

We learn that Killeen Castle is about to be connected, and that the adjacent hamlet of Dunsany will have its "Call Office".  An extension to Donaghpatrick is also in consideration.

Source:  Meath Chronicle Centenary Publication p. 69