town wall

The remaining Bastion Tower of the Navan Town Wall in 2012.  View from Abbey Road

Photo: © N&DHS

This is the largest remaining portion of Navan's medieval Town Wall. It is  located in Meath

Co. Co. Yard on Abbey Rd.  It contains part of a bastion tower.

town wall and bastion tower


town wall plaque







(above) Remaining section of Navan Town Wall and Bastion Tower in the  Town Council Yard Abbey Rd. Photos ©N&DHS

The map below shows the likely line of the Town Walls  enclosing Navan's oldest streets, Trimgate St. Watergate St and Ludlow St. (originally Dublingate St.) with extra information added by Vincent Mulvany(N&DHS).

map town wall

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No: 973. Navan

Possible town wall

287050 267820

ME025 0 044, E2336

Monitoring was carried out in 2006-7 during the laying of a broadband telecom network in Navan, Co. Meath.  The broadband works consisted of mechanically excavating trenches measuring c. 1m deep and less than 1m wide, generally situated along the sides of roads. All works which took place within the historic centre of Navan town (ME025-044) were subject to monitoring. This corresponds to the estimated area of the medieval walled town of Navan and areas of potential late-medieval development outside the walls to the south-west, south and north.

The monitoring programme identified two truncated walls, both oriented north-south, at the base of Timmons Hill near the Boyne. The larger measured at least 2.4m in width and perhaps up to 5m, and at least 5m in depth.  Construction was of large limestone blocks (up to 0.85m by 0.6m by 0.5m) bonded with a coarse sand creamy mortar with crushed-shell aggregate.  The large size of the wall may suggest it formed part of the Navan town wall, the original course of which is unclear.  Elsewhere, no remains of archaeological significance were identified, probably due to disturbance from previous phases of service laying and maintenance.

Stuart Halliday, Arch-Tech Ltd., 32 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2

Taken From: Excavations Bulletin, Excavations 2008, Edited by Isabel Bennett (Wordwell, Dublin, 2011)  

Photos: © Navan & District Historical Society