Continued from: Horneck Roll of Honour


Michael McGrane (Corpl.) – Leinsters, wounded.
Chris. Moran – Leinsters.
Thos. Moore - Leinsters.
James Lynch - Leinsters.
Thomas Smith - Leinsters.
Patrick Graham – Leinsters; Discharged.
Chris.Gough – 5th Leinsters.
Thos. Nevins – 5th Leinsters.
Frank Cassidy – 5th Leinsters; medically unfit. Joined Irish Guards, from Athboy.
Denis Sherry –5th Leinsters.
Michael Sherry – 5th Leinsters.
Thomas Brady – 5th Leinsters.
Thos. Cahill – 6th Leinsters.
Peter Cahill – 6th Leinsters.
Joseph Cowley – 6th Leinsters, killed; served in South African War.
Thos. Fay – Irish Guards.
Thos. Clinch – 5th Leinsters, wounded.
Patrick Meehan – 5th Leinsters.
Philip Muldoon –7th Leinsters.
James Marron – 7th Leinsters.
John Cahill - 5th Leinsters.
Philip Martin – 5th Leinsters.
Patrick Tormey – Inniskillings.
John Fitzsimons – Leinsters, late Navan Urban District council; Home Service.
Patrick McDonnell - Leinsters.
Joseph Smith - Leinsters
P. Kavanagh – Leinsters; discharged.
Patrick Murray - Leinsters.
Reilly – (Ardmulchan) – Royal Dublin Fusiliers.
Deane – (Member of Firm of Goodeare Bros.), Royal Engineers; Lieutenant.
F.C. Ellis – Royal Irish Rifles.
H. Ellis – Royal Navy; sons of Mr. Ellis, formerly on staff Royal Meath Regiment at
Henry J.McNally – Leinsters.
Murray, S. – Army Pay Department in Dublin (late of Navan).
Everard, R. W. – Captain E. Yorkshires; son of Sir N.T. Everard, Bart.
Randolph, C.Metge – Lieut. Motor Machine Gun Section; at the Front.
Daniel Metge – Officer.
Pat Metge – Captain Leinsters.
Metge, Robert – Major; in Tullamore.
Dove – Officer Royal Navy.
WM. Walsh – Leinster.
Joseph McDonnell - Leinsters.
Bernard Finnegan - Leinsters.
James Toomey - Leinsters.
John Duffy - Leinsters.
Lawrence Kavanagh - Leinsters.
Chris. Caffrey - Leinsters.
James O’Keeffe - Leinsters.
Joseph Reilly - Leinsters.
Joseph F. Cooke – Cadet Corps, 7th Leinsters. In France.
William P.Timmon 2nd Lieut. 7th Leinsters, December 1915. In France.
Edward Mahon – Army Service Corps.
Patrick Byrne – Leinsters
Michael M’Grane - Leinsters
James Smith – Army Service Corps
Thos. Bradley - Leinsters.
Anthony Duignan – 5th Leinsters. Boy.
John J. Fitzpatrick – Leinsters; late Navan Urban District Council.
Matt Plunket - Leinsters.
John Cahill - Leinsters.
John J. Smyth – “A.Sec.,” 18 Field Ambulance, 6th Division; champion walker.
Frank Smyth – Leinsters (Brother); invalided from shell shock, recently rejoined, now with Irish Guards; since discharged; wears armlet.
Sherlock, John (Navan) – Joined Irish Guards from R.I.C. in Ballaghaderrin.
Sherlock P. (Navan) – (Brother); Baker; joined Army Service Corps.
Moore Thos. – Late Navan urban District council; wounded at Hill 60.
Moore Richard – Late Navan urban District council.
Frank Duffy - Leinsters.
John Dalton - Leinsters.
Joseph Gorman – Royal Irish Regiment.
James Dowd - Leinsters.
Thos. Daly - Leinsters.
Michael Menton - Leinsters.
Michael Stringer - Leinsters.
Henry Tully - Leinsters.
James Reilly - Leinsters.
Patrick Briody - Leinsters.
Edward Fitzpatrick - Leinsters.
John Downer - Leinsters.
Patrick O’Kelly – Post Office Rifles.
Patrick Reilly – Post Office Rifles.
Patrick Bartly – Army Service corps.
Thos. J. Tully – Royal Field Artillery.
J.B. Hare – Army Veterinary Corps.
Dr. Ross – Army Medical Corps.
Dr. Michael A. McKeever – Army Medical Corps; now in France.
Timothy Crinion – Noths. and Derbyshire Regiment; 2nd Lieutenant.
Vincent Crinion – King’s Own Lancaster’s; 2nd Lieutenant.
John D. Dunville – R.N. Flying Corps; Master Meath Hounds.
John S. Dunville – 2nd Lieut. Royal Dragoons.
Robert L. Dunville – Lieut. Grenadier Guards.
Edward Feely - Leinsters.
John McGuinness - Leinsters.Patrick Duignan - Leinsters.
Joseph Mahon – Leinsters, wounded.
Richard Martin - Leinsters.
John Murphy - Leinsters.
John Duignan – Army Service Corps.
Thomas Sullivan - Leinsters.
Charles Walsh Irish Guards seriously wounded at Neuve Chapelle, 18th May 1915.
(Formerly Navan Irish National Volunteers).
Chris. Clarke - Leinsters.
D.McMahon O’Byrne – Lieut. Royal Field Artillery now in Agra, India. Enlisted in Army Service Corps stationed in Hants; gazetted to R.F.A. March 1915. Resided in Navan for several years; occupation, Journalist; native of Rathmines; formerly in I.N.V.
Joseph Goff - Leinsters.
Patrick Hughes – Irish Guards.
Chris. Callaghan – Irish guards, wounded
Chris. Lynch – Royal Artillery.
Michael McGovern - Leinsters.
John Fitzpatrick - Leinsters.
Thomas Moyles - Leinsters.
Chris. Pentleton – Leinsters, late Navan Urban District Council; discharged.
Stephen Halligan - Leinsters.
Matthew Carroll – Leinsters, missing; believed dead.
James Murphy - Leinsters.
John Kane - Leinsters.
Patrick O’Hara – Leinsters, missing; served in South African Campaign – Prisoner of war in Germany.
John Tully – Royal Irish Rifles.
WM.Lynch – Royal Field Artillery.
Denis Dowd - Leinsters.
John Graham - Leinsters.
Philip McMahon – Leinsters, wounded.
John Duffy - Leinsters.
Michael Philips– Leinsters, killed; late Navan Urban District Council
James Huggins – Leinsters
Chris Murray – Leinsters,wounded
Thomas Carolan – Leinsters
Edward Reilly – Munster Fusiliers
John McCluskey – Leinsters, discharged
Michael Duffy – Leinsters. Late Navan Urban District Council
Patrick Masterson – Leinsters
Thomas Miller – Leinsters. Late Navan Urban District Council
John Pigott – Contractor, Navan, Munitions work March 1916
Richard Pigott (son) – Royal Irish Rifles, Salonika; was at Sulva Bay
Wm Pigott (son) – Motor Service in France
Rev N. Cooney C.C.; Navan late Ratoath, - Army Chaplain, March 1916. Left Navan 23rd March 1916
Rice – Artillery; Late Navan Urban District Council
Michael Rogers - Leinsters. Late Navan Urban District Council
Henry Rogers – Leinsters, wounded , now in 5th Leinsters, Mullingar
W. Mildon – Leinsters
L Mildon – Leinsters , Private, wounded in eye , discharged
Wm Sheridan – Irish Guards
Geo. McDemott – Leinsters
James Cahill –Army Service Corps; promoted Farrier-Sergt. 42nd West Lancs Division, D.A.C.
Wm Moran – Leinsters
Michael Dooner – Leinsters
John Clarke – Leinsters
Michael Philips – Leinsters
Patrick Brien – Royal Irish Rifles (late P.O.); wounded at Dardanelle’s, Aug 6th 1915.
Joseph R. Duignan – Leinsters 7th Battalion; now in France.
James Nugent - Leinsters.
Edward Cahill – Leinsters; late Navan Urban District Council.
Joseph Smith – Royal Irish Rifles.
John Martin - Leinsters.
Chris. Boylan – Royal Irish Rifles; wounded.
Henry Pallas – Leinsters.
Thomas Murtagh – Royal Field Artillery.
Patrick Mitchell – Royal Irish Rifles.
John Allen - Leinsters.
Michael Colclough (Corporal) – Irish Guards, killed, 1915; formerly Navan I.N.V.
Matt McGoona – Army Service Corps.
Joseph Smith - Leinsters.
John J. McDonagh – Royal Field Artillery.
Peter Smith - Leinsters.
Edward McCann – 5th Leinsters: Drill Instructor, Navan Irish National Volunteers, in Salonika.
Lawrence Kavanagh – Army Service Corps.
Michael Dunignan – 5th Leinsters; in Mullingar.
Miss Hannah O’Rourke - On Red Cross work in Evreux, France.
Chris. O’Keeffe – Royal Irish Rifles.
Peter Fitzsimons – Royal Irish Rifles.
James Cahill – Leinsters; late Navan Urban District council.
Bernard Duignan - Royal Irish Rifles.
John Dooner - Leinsters.
John Brennan – Royal Engineers.
James Smith – 5th Leinsters; wounded; now in Cork.
Thomas Smith – Leinsters; late Navan Urban District council; wounded. Now in India.
Hugh McDonnell - Leinsters.
WM. Murray – Leinsters; late Navan Urban District council.
Victor M.Giles – Cadet Corps, 2nd Lieutenant, 7 (S.) Royal Irish Rifles.
Patrick Reilly – Leinsters.
WM. Moran - Leinsters.
Daniel O’Keeffe - Leinsters.
Peter Cahill - Leinsters.
Patrick Duignan – Royal Field Artillery; now in R.I. Rifles in Salonika.
Patrick Reilly - Leinsters.
Thomas J.Harper – Irish Guards, returned medically unfit.
James McGrane – Leinsters.
John Mahoney – Leinsters; late Navan Urban District council.
James Quinn - Leinsters.
Michael Cahill – Leinsters.
Thomas Cahill – Leinsters.
James Brady – Leinsters.
William Bannon – Leinsters.
Thomas Heavy – Irish Guards, killed in France.
John Heavy – Leinsters.
Patrick Cregan – Leinsters.
John J. Young – Leinsters.
James Moran – Leinsters.
Hugh McDonnell – Leinsters.
Chris. Kerrigan – Leinsters.
Richard Corrigan- Leinsters, wounded; late Navan Urban District Council.
Stanislaus Cahill, Navan – Connaugh Rangers, killed in France March 1916.
James Caulfield, Navan Post Office - Joined Army Telegraph service, March 1916.
Leitch Neill – Sergeant Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders; late Agricultural Instructor Meath County Committee Agriculture.
Lynch, Thos. – Late Navan Urban District council; 5th Leinsters; wounded.
John Cahill - Leinsters.
Joseph Pigott - Leinsters.
Paul McKenna - Leinsters.
Michael Masterson – Leinsters, killed in France; late Navan Urban District council.
Patrick Masterson – Leinsters, wounded; now in Mullingar.
Patrick Beggy – Leinsters, wounded.
John McGlew – Royal Engineers; served all through S.A. war; now discharged.
Patrick Smith - Leinsters.
Patrick Dooner - Leinsters.
Jas. Bradley - Leinsters.
Bartle Cronin – Leinsters, wounded.
John Walsh - Leinsters.
Richard Baker - Leinsters.
Thomas Donnelly – Leinsters, killed.
WM. Bartley – 11th Hussars, wounded.
Thomas Curtis - Leinsters.
Thomas Nugent - Leinsters.
Thomas Foster - Leinsters.
Robert Keonan - Leinsters.
Patrick Carroll - Leinsters.
Frank Flood – Leinsters; late Navan Fire Brigade.
Hugh Smith – Leinsters; wounded twice; all through South African War; late Navan
Urban District Council.
John Daly – Garrison Artillery.
Thomas Cox – 3rd Leinsters; wounded twice; now in the Trenches.
Patrick Cox (Brother) – 7th Leinsters. In France.
Charles McInerney – (son of late G.N.R. Stationmaster)- 25th Battery R.F.A.
Richard Moore – Leinsters; late Navan Urban District council.
Patrick Fox – Irish Guards.
Thomas Finnegan – Royal Horse Artillery.
Patrick Galligan - Leinsters.
Patrick Kane – Royal Irish Fusiliers, served 10 years in India; prisoner in Germany.
Patrick Rogers - Leinsters.
William Cox - Leinsters.
Peter Martin - Leinsters.
Peter McHugh - Leinsters.
Philip McDermott - Leinsters.
Thomas Lynch - Leinsters.
Chris. Casey - Leinsters.
Chris Collins – Leinsters
Michael Doyle - Leinsters.
WM. Shields - Leinsters.
Patrick Colter - Leinsters.
WM.Moran - Leinsters.
Michael Beggan – Leinsters; Boyerstown.
Edward Kavanagh - Leinsters.
James Reilly - Leinsters.
Michael Tully - Leinsters.
Stephen Flood – Munsters.
Edward Bannon - Leinsters.
Patrick Cregan – Leinsters, killed.
Edward Moyles - Leinsters.
John Young - Leinsters.
Lawrence Kavanagh – Army Service Corps.
Patrick Beggan – Leinster
Richard Locke - Leinsters.
Michael Gough - Leinsters.
Thomas Kennedy - Leinsters.
Frank Caffrey - Leinsters.
Thomas Bradley - Leinsters.
John J.Reilly - Leinsters.
Richard Boylan - Leinsters.
Joseph Casey - Leinsters.
James Wilson - Leinsters.
Bernard Sheeran - Leinsters.
James Brennan - Leinsters.
Joseph Flood – Leinsters, wounded; now in Mulligar.
Corcoran Michael - Irish Guards. In France.
James O’Brien, Garlow Cross – At Munitions work in England.
Jos. O’Brien, Garloss Cross – Joined Lancashire Regiment in England; wounded in arm.
Thomas Cooney – Leinsters; late Navan Urban District Council.
Thomas Kerrigan - Leinsters.
Patrick Kelly – (Johnstown) – Post Office Rifles; Irish National Volunteers.
Samuel Greer – Post Office Rifles.
John Brien (Johnstown) - Post Office Rifles; Irish National Volunteers; wounded.
Edward Fitzpatrick (Johnstown) – Post Office Rifles; Irish National Volunteers.
P. Reilly (Johnson) - Post Office Rifles; Irish National Volunteers.
Patrick J. Hook – Royal Irish Fusiliers, France.
Thomas W. Pyper – Trooper North Irish Horse; Bank clerk, Belfast Bank. In Antrim.
Patrick King (Johnstown) - Leinsters.
Thomas Holford – Royal Irish Regiment; Captain.
John C. Holford – Royal Field Artillery; Captain.
Mat Martin (Commons, Navan) – Royal Garrison Artillery.
Delaney, James – Lieut. Royal Engineers; wounded.
Thomas Nugent – 6th Leinsters, 10th Division, Salonika.
John Millar –3/4 Cameron Highlanders.
William Millar- 11th battalion Black Watch.
P. C. Markey (Solicitor) – Late Lieut. Royal Field Artillery; now Trooper 2nd King Edward’s Horse.
McKeown, Paddy – Remount Service, No. 2 Base; in France; was in S.A. war.
McKeown Frank – 3rd Leinsters; wounded.
Caffrey, Patrick – Balreask; Irish Rifles.
Duffy, Chas. – Leinsters (Boy).
-Toomey – 7th Irish Fusiliers.
Joseph Murphy – Royal Irish Rifles; joined late in 1914; killed in action May 1915.
H.J. Cullen – 2nd Lieut. (5th Leinsters).
Pat Roche (Ardsallagh) - Leinsters.
H.R. Woodhouse – Cadet Corps 7th Leinsters, July 1915.
P. O’Connor – 3rd Royal Dublin Fusiliers; killed by Shrapnel December 3rd 1915. Native of Navan.
Patrick Flood – Royal Engineers
W. Harrold – Wounded.
Joseph and Patrick Keeley – Cavalry.
J. A. Keappock – R.A.E., H.M.S. Shark.
Pat Cunningham – Royal Irish Rifles.
Pat Potts – Royal Dublin Fusiliers
- Rooney- Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.
John Mason – Royal Irish Rifles; wounded, recovered.
W. Davis – Kent, Mounted Infantry (joined from London).
Joseph Kerrigan – 2nd Leinsters, killed in action in France.
Thomas Kerrigan – 1st Leinsters.
McEvoy – Col. Sergeant Leinsters (Ardsallagh); formerly Drill Instructor Johnstown Irish National Volunteers.
Rev. Ed. Cullen – Catholic Chaplain, brother of Mr. H. J. Cullen, J. P., Liscarton, Navan. Has been at the Front in France for over 18 months and has seen much hard work. Returned to the Front at the end of March, 1916, after 7 day’s leave.
Joseph Potts – Native of Navan. Joined on outbreak from Glasgow; Gordon Highlanders;
killed in France, March 1916.


Major Sterne, (Bective) – Now in France; South Irish Horse.
John Shaw – Royal Garrison Artillery; Bective (Irish National Volunteers).
J.McGuire – Company Quarter Master Sergeant, 2nd Battalion Royal Irish Regiment; recommended for D.C.M rescue work, Ypres, 24th May 1915
James Weldon –Irish Guards; wounded; from Bective; late Kilmessan I.N.V.
Thomas Weldon - 5th Leinsters; Irish National Volunteers.
Henry Weldon - 5th Leinsters; Irish National Volunteers.
Michael Reid - 5th Leinsters.
James Finlay - (I.N.V.), Army Service Corps.
John Mangan - 5th Leinsters.
Joseph Mangan – 5th Leinsters.
John Jackson – Dublin Fusiliers.
Andrew Maguire - 5th Leinsters.
Peter Horace – 7th Leinsters (Instructor I.N.V.)
Joseph Maguire - Army Service Corps, Irish National Volunteers.
Bernard Moore – Irish Guards; Kilmessan Irish National Volunteers Corps; native of Navan.
William Sheridan – Irish Guards, killed.
Henry Conway – Army Service Corps; Irish National Volunteers.
William O’Neill - 5th Leinsters; Irish National Volunteers
James Sheridan – Irish Guards.
John Maguire – Royal Irish Rifles
John Murray - 5th Leinsters.
Edward Losty - 5th Leinsters; Irish National Volunteers.
Michael Caffrey – 7th Leinsters; Irish National Volunteers.
Thomas Smith- 5th Leinsters; wounded at Gallipoli; discharged on pension. (I.N.V.).
James Hanley – 15th Hussars; Irish National Volunteers.
Thomas Lawless – Royal Garrison Artillery. (I.N.V.Instructor.).
Michael Murphy, Killmessan – At Munitions work.
Charles Gasteen – Royal Garrison Artillery (Kilmessan I.N.V).
Edward Carr – Royal Engineers.
Daniel Tormey – (Moore town, Kilmessan) – Australian Force. In Egypt.
Thos. Plunkett (Moore town, Kilmessan) – Australian Force. In Egypt.I.N.V.
Patrick Murphy (Moore town, Kilmessan) – Australian Force.
Donald Shaw (Bective) – In Royal Navy.
Andrew Clarke – Royal Army Medical corps.
Frederick Lynch – Irish Guards.
Thomas Booth - Irish Guards.
Matthew Reilly - 5th Leinsters.
Charles Gaskin - 5th Leinsters.
Patrick Mitchell – 7th Royal Irish Rifles; Robinstown Irish National Volunteers.
John Ellison - 7th Royal Irish Rifles.
Richard Nevins – South Irish Horse.
Peter Rourke - South Irish Horse.
John Stanley – 7th Battalion Royal Irish Regiment.
Henry Newman - Irish Guards.
Patrick Boyle - Irish Guards.
Richard Baker - Irish Guards
Harry Newman - Irish Guards.
John A.Preston (Capt.)- Royal Dublin Rusiliers, killed.
Richard H. M. Clifford, Revd. (Capt.) – 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers. (Chaplain).
John Duigenan - Irish Guards. (Instructor I.N.V.).
James Mangan – Irish Guards. (I.N.V.).
Joseph Roe – Irish Guards. (I.N.V.).
Chr.Clinch - Irish Guards. (I.N.V.).
Michael Matthews - Irish Guards.
John Lynch - Irish Guards, killed.
Thos. Finlay – Leinsters wounded; at Front. I.N.V.
Joseph Mangan - Leinsters. (I.N.V.).
Michael Reil - Leinsters. (I.N.V.).
Terence Byrne – Leinsters. (I.N.V.).
Michael Reilly - Leinsters. (I.N.V.).
Patrick Clerkin – Irish Guards ( Robinstown); missing.
Matthew Healy – Navan. Joined Leinsters March 1916.


Marquis Conyngham – commissioned Officer.
Francis E. Ledwidge – Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (formerly Slane I.N.V.).
Michael flood – Royal Irish Rifles.
William Lynch – Royal Field Artillery.
James G. Deane – Royal Fusiliers.
Patrick Vaughey – 5th Leinsters.
Michael Murphy – Irish Guards.
Andrew Murphy – Royal Garrison Artillery.
Henry Murphy - Royal Garrison Artillery.
William Owens – 8th Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers.
John Connolly – Not known; enlisted in county Louth.
Joseph Govern – Leinsters.
Peter Lane – Leinsters.
Thomas Carolan - Leinsters.
William Mongey - Leinsters.
Thomas Gillic – Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.
Thomas O’Hare – Irish Guards.
Patrick Fitzpatrick – Royal Irish Rifles.
Martin Fitzpatrick – Royal Irish Rifles.
Patrick Dorrian – Leinsters.
Capt. Legge-Burke (Hayes, Beauparc) – Killed early in war.
“Sonny” Cannon – Sergt. Territorial Regiment in England; wounded; a native of
Joseph Sheerin – Royal Irish Fusiliers; Irish Natinal Volunteers. In France. (Crack Shot).
Thomas Southwell – Not known; enlisted in England.
John Southwell – Not known; enlisted in England.
Thomas McNally – Leinsters.
Cornelius Clark – Irish Guards, killed.
John O’Neill – Grenadier Guards; enlisted in England.
John Kinsella - Royal Field Artillery.
Patrick Walsh - Leinsters.
Robert Anderson – Cycling Corps.
John Vaughey - Royal Irish Rifles.
Thomas Vaughey - Royal Irish Rifles.
Peter McGuirk – Not known; enlisted in England.
James Healy - Irish Guards.
Patrick Flood – Royal Irish Rifles.
Laurence Healy – King Edward Horse.
Geoffrey J. O’Donoghue – Irish Guards; enlisted in Co. Wicklow.
Joseph A. O’Donoghue – Leinsters; enlisted in Scotland.
John H. Kinahan – Officers’ Training Corps; enlisted in Dublin City.
George Deane Jones –
James Jones –
Richard McAllen – Leinsters.
Richard Nevin –
WM. Matchett –
John O’ Neill –
Patt Lynch –
Edward Reilly –
Henry Reilly –
Bernard Gorman –
WM. Feeley –
Frank Feeley –
Matt McKnight – Dublin Fusiliers.
John Duffy –
Jas. Byrne –
Capt. S. Thunder – Deputy assistant Adjutant General, promoted early 1915; proceeded to Front on November 1914; mentioned in Sir John French’s despatches 6th April 1915; received Military cross.
Thunder, Leo. – Lieut. Leinster Regiment; second son late Capt. Thunder, Senescalstown.


Percival Lea-Wilson – Captain 18th Royal Irish Regiment; lately District-Inspector in charge of Dunshaughlin
Henry Bonham – Instructor School of Musketry, Military Camp, Dollymount; (Sergt. Dunboyne R.I.C.)
John P. Banahan – Irish Guards (Enfield R.I.C. Const.).
John Brock - Irish Guards (Const.) Navan; promoted Sergeant
Michael Considine - Irish Guards; Julianstown (Const.); promoted Sergeant
Richard Collis - Irish Guards, Carnaross (Const.)
Gerald Cullen – 10th Dublin Fusiliers (Const.), Navan, promoted Corporal
George Forbes – 5th Lancers, joined at outbreak of war (Const.), Moynalty; promoted Sergeant