Lines from

"The Song of Dermot and the Earl,"

a 12th century poem

Translation from the Norman French by Goddard H.C. Orpen,

lines 3129-3161

Of Hugh de Lacy I shall tell you

How he enfeoffed his barons,

Knights, serjeants and retainers.

Castleknock, in the first place, he gave

To Hugh Tyrell, whom he loved so much;

And Castle Brack according to the writing,

To baron William le Petit,

Magherdernon likewise

And the land of Rathkenny,

The cantred of Ardnorcher then

To Meiller, who was of great worth,

Gave Hugh de Lacy-

To the good Meiler Fitz Henry;

To Gilbert de Nangle, moreover

He gave the whole of Morgallion;

To Jocelin he gave the Navan,

And the lands of Ardbrackan,

(The one was son the other father,

According to the statement of the mother)

To Richard de Tuite likewise

He gave rich fief;

Rathwire he gave moreover

To the baron Robert de Lacy.

To Richard de la Chapelle

He gave good and fine land,

To Geoffrey de Constantine Kilbixi

Near to Rathconarty;

And Skryne he then gave by charter;

To Adam de Phepoe he gave it;

To Gilbert de Nugent,

And likewise to William de Musset,

He gave lands and honours,

In the presence of barons and vavasours.


(Vavasour: Vassal holding of a great lord and having other vassals under him.

Vassal: A holder of land by feudal tenure.)