Kingstown and Great Carnuff

Ardmulchan Civil Parish

Ordnance Survey Field Name Book 1836

In this name King is a family name.

Baile Cing: King's town.

Kingstown: John O'Donovan.

Kingstown: Larkin's Map.

Kingstown and Great Carnuff: Old Rates' Dockets.

Kingstown and Great Carnuff. Survey and Valuation Report.

Kingstowne and Greate Carnuffe: Down Survey.

Greate Carnuffe: Down Survey Maps.

Civil Survey 1654 - 1656.

" Kingstowne and Great Carnulfe. On the premisses a Ruinous Castle, a farme house, a a few ash timber trees." 

This townland is situated in the interior of the parish.

It is bounded on the north by the townlands of Ardmulchan and Haystown.

It is bounded on the east by Haystown townland.

It is bounded on the south and southwest by the townland of Harristown.

It contains 561 acres 3 roods 10 perches statute measure, and is the property of the Earl of Mayo. In the north of this townland is a hill, called Deanhill. It is so named from Dean Bourke, who lived formerly at Haystown Demesne. Two principal bye roads pass through the townland.


Kingstown House

Ordnance Survey Field Name Book 1836

This residence is situated in the west of the townland of Kingstown and Great Carnuff.

It is a gentleman's residence, and attached to it are pleasure grounds of small extent.