Ordnance Survey, Field Name Books of the County of Meath, 1835-36. Vol. 1

Nealtown, Ardbraccan Parish

Baile Ui Neill, O'Neills town.

Neillstown John O'Donovan.

Nealston Inquiry temp. Car. 1.

Nealeston Inquiry temp. Car. 1.

Nealestowne Civil Survey 1654-56.

This townland is situated in the centre of the parish.

It is bounded on the north by the townland of Durhamstown.

It is bounded on the east by Ardbraccan townland.

It is bounded on the south by the townlands of Betaghstown and Ongenstown.

It is bounded on the west by Ongenstown townland.

It contains 484 acres and 34 perches, statute measure, and is all under cultivation.  It is the property of Nicholas Coddington, Esquire, of Oldbridge, near Drogheda.  Agent, Henry Coddington, his son and heir.  It is let under leases of 1 life or 21 years at the yearly rent of from £1- 10 shillings to £2- 2 shillings per Irish acre.  The tenants are all Roman Catholics, and purchase their bog at £1 - 2 shillings and 9 pence per perch.  The soil is loam, and produces 11 barrels of wheat, 16 barrels of oats, 56 stone of flax, or 330 bushels of potatoes per Irish acre. The size of farms is from 2 to 125 acres.

The County Cess is 1 shilling and 4 pence per acre per half year.

There is a Roman Catholic Chapel situated on the south side of this townland, near the road from Kells to Trim.  It is capable of accomodating about 1,000 persons.