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Crimes, Court and Legal Affairs

Thompson, 1802, Meath History

Early 1800s Navan

Navan and District 1810

Pigot's Directory 1824

Baldwin Report 1834

Tara 1835

Navan, 1837, Lewis Topographical Dictionary

Meath 1837 Lewis Topographical Dictionary

Tithes in the 1830s

Navan Union 1839

Repeal of the Union

Father Mathew in Navan 1842

Famine and NavanFat Cattle and Mud Cabins in Pre Famine MeathThe Great HungerThe Workhouse Solution

Landlord Estates 19th century

Handbook for Travellers 1844

Navan 1845

The Boyne 1845

Meath Geography 1845

History of Meath 1845

Slater Directory 1846: Navan

Meath Officials 1847

The Hamilton Affair 1848-9

Navan Fair 1857

Eliza O'Reilly v James O'Reilly

Bradshaw's Railway Guide, 1863

Church Politics in Navan in the 19th Century

Notes on the R.I.C. in Navan in 19th century

County Gaol 1870

Slater's directory 1894.

Cassell's Gazetteer 1900.

Land War

Petitions to Parliament

Newspaper Cuttings