navans streets and lanes

Sandymount was found on the end of Abbey Rd close to where it joins Watergate St. Like nearby Barrack Lane it was one of the poorest parts of the town.  The houses were typically 2 roomed cabins, with thatched roofs and without proper sanitation or running water.

This area was cleared in the 1930s by Navan UDC.

Philip Hazelwood was the main landlord. The house valuation were from 10 shillings to £3-15-0. Below are the inhabitants of Sandymount as recorded in the 1911 Census.


1.           James Kelly

2.           Peter Finn

3.           Mary Reilly

4.           Garret Reilly

5.           William Molloy

6.           John M'Fadden

7.           Mary Kelly

8.           Michael Flood

9.           Owen Murtagh

10.         Thomas Pendelton

11.         Bridget Reilly

12.         Mary Brien.

13.         Thomas Fitzsimon

14.         William May

15.         Francis Reilly

16 & 17. Thomas Carpenter

18.         Nicholas Walsh

19.         Michael Lynas

20.         Edward Leonard

21.         Thomas Smith

22.         Laurence Leonard

23.         Honoria Reilly

24.         James King

25.         James Leonard

26.         Bridget M'Nally

27.         James Gough

28.         James Aylmer

29.         James Fox

30.         Patrick Murray

31.         Joseph Clarke

32.         Patrick Mathews



Sandymount, Navan.

My Mother and her Father came to England in 1935/36 and from Irish Census records and other websites, I have been able to find that she was born in Navan in 1919 and that her family had, in earlier years, lived in Sandymount Street. Her father, George Mildon, was born in 1886 and was married to Ellen Elliott in 1910 in St Mary's Parish Church. In the Irish Census of 1911, George and Ellen were living in Infirmary Hill. I have not been able to obtain my Mother's Birth Certificate and so I am still groping for information.

Derek Mileman