Ordnance Survey

Field Name Book 1835

Fearann a' Doire, land of the oak wood.

Farranderry: John O'Donovan.

Farrinderry: Rental of Lord Ludlow.

Farrinderry: Rev R. Thompson.

At the south end of the parish.  This townland is bounded on the north by the townland of Williamstown or Bawn.

It is bounded on the east, south and west by the parish of Bective.

It contains 16 acres 1 rood 3 perches, statute measure, all under cultivation. It is the property of Earl Ludlow.

Soil, stiff yellow clay with limestone bottom, producing only middling crops of wheat, oats and potatoes and bad crops of flax.  The manure used is dung.  The houses are of mud and very dirty.