Hurdlestown House

Hurdlestown house is on the Kells-Navan road west of Bloomsbury cross.  In 1835 Hurdlestown was described as good two storey house, the residence of Mrs. Rothwell. In 1854 Arthur Radcliff was leasing the house and 258 acres of lands from James W. Cusack.  In 1901 William Perkins Radcliff, his brother, Reginald, and sister, Lydia, were living at Hurdlestown.  The house had thirteen rooms, nine windows to the front and fifteen outbuildings.  William Perkins Radcliff died in November 1910. His coffin was carried from Hurdlestown House to Marty graveyard by the people of the locality.  In 1911 Reginald Radcliff was living at Hurdlestown.  In August 1920 Reginald died from fright when he was confronted by armed raiders looking for arms.  The property was acquired by Michael Foley. Michael Foley died in 1985.