Irish Parliamentary Gazatteer, 1846

Tullahanoge, a parish in the barony of Upper Navan, 2 1/2 miles south east of Athboy, co. Meath, Leinster.  Length, east south eastward, 2 miles; extreme breadth, 1 1/2; area, 1,414 acres, 2 roods, 10 perches. Pop., in 1831, 112; in 1841, 178. Houses 36.  The surface consists of good arable land, and is traversed by the road from Athboy to Trim.  The principal residences are Sherborne lodge, Shamrock hill, and Clifton lodge, the last the seat of the Earl of Darnley.

“The surrounding estates,” remarks Mr. Fraser, “particularly the large tract of land possessed by the Earl of Darnley, as also the late estates of Lord Sherborne, have been highly improved; and the comfortable farm houses and good husbandry cannot fail to attract the attention of the traveller, and make some amends for the flat and featureless country between this point and Trim.”

The hamlet of Tullahanoge is situated on the north east verge of the parish.  This parish is a curacy, and part of the benefice of Trim, in the dio. of Meath.  Tithe composition belonging to the incumbent, £24 18s. 5 1/4d.  The rectorial tithes are of unknown value, and are impropriate in James O'Reilly, Esq.  In 1834, the Protestants amounted to 7, and the Roman Catholics to 108; and there was neither church, chapel, nor school.


The Lewis Topographical Directory was first published in 1837 in two volumes, with an accompanying atlas.  The first edition is available online.  A second edition was published in 1842.

Lewis relied on the information provided by local contributors and on the earlier works published such as Coote's Statistical Survey (1801), Taylor and Skinner's Maps of the Road of Ireland (1777), Pigot's Trade Directory (1824) and other sources. H e also used the various parliamentary reports and in particular the census of 1831 and the education returns of the 1820s and early 1830s.  Local contributors were given the proof sheets for final comment and revision.  The names of places are those in use prior to the publication of the Ordnance Survey Atlas in 1838.  Distances are in Irish miles (the statute mile is 0.62 of an Irish mile).

Tullyhanogue, or Tullaghanogue, a parish, in the barony of Upper Navan, county of Meath, and province of Leinster, 2 miles (N. W.) from Trim, on the road to Athboy; containing 112 in habitants.  It is the property of Lords Darnley and Sherborne, and comprises 1133 3/4 statute acres, nearly the whole of which, except what is in demesne, is arable and in a good state of cultivation.  The land is of good quality, and the system of agriculture has been greatly improved under the auspices of those noblemen, who have recently erected some very superior farm houses on their estates.

Clifton Lodge, the seat of the Earl of Darnley, is a handsome mansion finely situated in an ample demesne, which was greatly improved by the late Lord.  It is a perpetual curacy, in the diocese of Meath, forming part of the union of Trim; the rectory is impropriate in J.O'Reilly, Esq.  The tithes amount to £54. 9. 9., of which £29. ll. 3 1/2 is payable to the impropriator, and £24. 18. 5 1/2 to the perpetual curate.  In the R. C. divisions it is part of the union or district of Moymet.