The pleasant hum resounds again,

The wheel long silent makes amends,

For years of sloth in slumber lain,

To brisker speed now condescends.

The placid Boyne majestic glows,

But frolics as it drives the wheel.

Boisterous with joy – its power bestows –

Conscious of mirth it can’t conceal

The Abbey, peeping through the trees

Serenely gazes from its height

And breaths its blessing on the breeze,

Enraptured at the busy sight.

Well ought the monks with deep devotion,

Feel happy at the busy scene;

The wheel that they first set in motion,

Careers again in bliss serene.

When Freedom’s bell once more shall ring,

Each silent wheel by stream and glen,

With joyous turn shall gladly sing,

Dear land! A Nation Once Again!

Philip E. Daly

Source: A Life by the Boyne, Jim Reynolds