Fr. John Brady 1905-1963

rev john brady

John was born in Dunboyne on 29th July 1905

and educated at Belvedere College, Mullingar

and NUI Maynooth,

where he was ordained

on 5th June 1932.

From 1932-1935 he worked as a missionary priest

in the Diocese of Southwark, London and while there he visited the British Museum and other libraries in search of material relating to Meath.

When Father Brady returned to Meath he was appointed Diocesan Catechist in June 1935.

He was appointed Diocesan Historian in

January 1936

In March 1937 he issued the first number of, A Short History of the Parishes of the Diocese of Meath, 1867-1937, in continuation of Father Cogan's history of the diocese.  The first number contains a short biography of Fr Cogan.


Father Brady also published articles in the Irish Ecclesiastical Record, Archivium Hibernicum, The Irish Book Lover, The Irish Independent and Ríocht na Midhe.

He died in September 1963.