1909 Elections

The Times, 8th Sept 1905:

Mr. Michael Davitt has declined an invitation from the Navan District Council to stand for the Northern Division of Meath at the next general election. He says:" While fully appreciating the compliment extended to me in the name of a constituency which put the House of Commons to the trouble of voting me, to be disqualified to be one of its members in 1882 (owing to my then discharge of the ardous duties of penal servitude in Portland Prison) , I am compelled for reasons altogether unnecessary to explain, to declare the honour your council is is now wishful to confer. I cannot consent to stand for the Navan or for any other division of Ireland at the coming general election. It appears that the electors or some of them are dissatisfied with the services of their present member, Mr Patrick White."

The Times, 17th Dec 1909:

Meath Northern Division. The Navan Rural District Council unaminously passed a resolution inviting Mr. Harry (sic) O'Brien of London, to become a candidate for the division at the general election.

The Times, 24th Dec 1909:

Meath Northern Division. At a meeting of Navan Board of Guardians a letter was read from Mr. Barry (sic) O'Brien of London in reply to a resolution of the Board inviting him to become a candidate for North Meath. Mr. O'Brien, in declining the invitation said that a scramble between Nationalists to enter the English Parliament was unseemly and undignified, and he would not care to join a struggle of that nature. In addition to the name of Mr. P. White MP it is understood that two other names will be submitted to the convention.