1852 Election

The campaign (continued)

Mr. Lucas - Even if it were necessary, I believe it would be impossible to do it.  (Cheers.)  I have not come amongst you for my own ambition.  I have been called upon by the tenant right societies, by my friends around me to offer myself as a candidate for this county.  It is not my own act to be here at all.  I have merely yielded to the solicitations that have been made to me; and this being so, I think it better that the canvass should proceed through those reverend and lay gentlemen who have desired me to stand, than attempt to do that which, I know, I should have been unable to do, that is to make a personal canvass of my own.  I thank you most cordially for the reception you have given me, and take my leave, adding this promise, that if you return me to parliament, every faculty of my mind shall be employed in defending you in defending the rights of your church — (great cheers)

A Voice - That above all. (Applause.)

Mr. Lucas - In doing the utmost which a single person can do to beat back from your Church and from the poor of Christ the assaults of the enemies of both. (Enthusiastic applause, which was reiterated as Mr. Lucas withdrew from the edge of the platform.)  The meeting was most eloquently addressed by the Rev. Chairman, the Rev. T. Langan, the Rev. Mr. Cogan, and other gentlemen, who spoke most warmly in support of Mr. Lucas.

The vast assemblage then quietly separated.