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Durhamstown: Ardbraccan Parish

Baile an Dormaigh, Durham's Town.

Durhamstown: John O'Donovan

There being in ye said Towne one Castle and a stone house.

Civil Survey 1654-56

This townland is situated in the north end of the parish. It is bounded on the north by the parish of Martry.

It is bounded on the east by the townlands of Grange and Ardbraccan.

It is bounded on the west by the parish of Martry.

It contains 1,027 acres and 12 perches statute measure, and is all under cultivation. It is the property of the Earl of Essex, and it is held under a lease renewable for ever by Nicholas Codington, Esq., of Oldbridge, near Drogheda, at the yearly rent of 3 pence per acre.

The whole townland is again held under a lease renewable for ever from Nicholas Coddington, Esq., at the yearly rent of 6 shillings per acre by William Thompson, Esq., of Oatlands House. In this townland. Mr Thompson retains 60 acres attached to Oatland House, and sublets the remainder to under tenants as follows:- 73 acres under a lease of 3 lives or 31 years, 84 acres under a lease renewable for ever, 105 acres under a lease of 2 lives or 31 years, and the rest of the townland in farms of from 1 to 50 acres, at a yearly rent of from £1- 7 shillings to £2 per acre.

The soil of this townland is good loam, and produces per acre:- 12 barrels of wheat, 16 barrels of oats, 56 stone of flax, or 360 bushels of potatoes. The tenants purchase their bog at £1-1 shilling per perch. The County Cess is 1 shilling and 2 pence per acre per half year. Beside Oatland House, the residence and demesne of Mr. Thompson, there is a neat house near the east side of the townland, known by the name of Robertstown.

Doramstowne: Civil Survey 1654-56.

It is bounded on the south by the townlands of Neillstown and Ongenstown.There is an old castle in tolerably good repair situated about the centre of the townland.

There is a schoolhouse about a quarter of a mile south of Oatlands House, on the side of the road from Navan to Kells. It is supported by a few private subscriptions. The Master and Mistress have a free house and garden and £20 per year. The average number of scholars is 20 boys and 15 girls.

durhamstown house

Durhamstown Castle  2011 Photo: © Navan & District Historical Society