Personal Notices

Below are personal notices with a Navan connection which were published in

The Times from 1837 to 2000.

Accident at Navan.

The Times (The London Times) 21/11/1837.

On Saturday last the Cavan coach, coming from Dublin was upset within a half-a mile of Navan, in consequence of one of the fore-wheels suddenly coming off. The coach-man James Bolis, who is an excellent driver, showed great pressure of mind on the occasion, for the moment he perceived the irregular motion of the wheel he pulled up the horses, and called aloud to the passengers (two inside and ten outside) to hold fast; immediately after the vehicle overset. Several of the passengers received severe bruises; but none, we are given to say, are of a serious nature. The coach proprietors are not, it appears, altogether blameless, as the wheels were old and in bad order for a considerable time.

Drogheda Journal.

The Times, 1st May 1854 ~ A German lady seeks a position as a governess

A lady in Ireland is very anxious to recommend a German governess, a catholic, who has just finished the education of her daughter. She teaches first rate music, singing, German, French, fancy work, dancing and understands English tolerably well.

Address to RF Post Office, Navan, Ireland.

Irish Times 20-12-1859.


Diocese of Meath Registry Office

Navan, Dec. 17  1859.

Dear Sir, - As there has been much talk lately about Oliver Goldsmith, I send you an extract about his father, from an old book written about 1733, and which is now in my custody, as Registrar of the Diocese of Meath; it shows where Goldsmith got his idea of

"Passing rich on forty pounds a year."

Yours, very faithfully,

Thos. Adderley Stopford.

Registrar of the Diocese of Meath.


The Times, 22nd Feb 1866 ~

Died 17-2-1866 at Somerville, Navan , Herbert George Jones, serjeant-at-law, aged 61.

The Times, 7th Aug 1868 ~

T.P. Walsh ( Dr. Brighton's Navan ) has been elected to competitive foundationship.

The Times, 23rd August 1869 ~

An excellent Plain Cook wishes to procure a situation as Head kitchenmaid, under a man cook, where she may improve herself. Has eight years and good character. Is a Protestant. Would pay her own expenses to England. Direct M Stackahan, Navan, County Meath, Ireland.

The Times, 5th Jan 1872 ~

The Late Sir Francis Brady- The Late Sir Francis Brady, whose death we briefly mentioned in our obituary column yesterday as having happened a few days since at Bayswater, was the son of the late Mr. James Brady, of Navan, in the county of Meath. Born in the year 1809, he was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, where he took the usual degrees.........

Sir Francis Brady married in 1839 a daughter of Mr. D. Lynch of Dublin.

The Times, 2nd Aug 1876 ~

Death. On the 29th July at Ardbraccan House, Navan after 10 days illness, Samuel Butcher, Bishop of Meath, aged 65.

The Times, 20th June 1878 ~

Births: On the 18th inst. at Ardbraccan Lodge, the wife of Arthur Magan, Esq., a daughter.

The Times, 6th Sept 1878 ~

On the 3rd September at 49, Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin, the wife of W.H. Atkinson, Caucestown, Navan, of a daughter.

The Times, 24th April 1872 ~

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

At a meeting of the Court of Examiners, held at 10, Red Lion-square, held on 15th, 16th, 17th ,19th 20th of April, the following students from the Royal Veterinary College, having undergone the necessary examination for the diploma, were admitted members of the College......Thomas Reilly, Navan, County Meath.

The Times, 30th Oct 1874 ~

Saving Life: Testimonials inscribed on vellum and on parchment recording the services rendered and the thanks of the Royal Humane Society to Robert Barlow, a drummer in the 100th Regiment, for saving Thomas Finnegan who fell into the River Boyne at Navan, County Meath on the 20th ult.

The Times, 22nd Nov 1877 ~

A Swiss Governess requires re-engagement. Acquirements – French, German, English, Italian, music and painting water-colours. Salary £80-£100. Highest references. Please address Madammoiselle, Somerville, Navan, Ireland.

The Times, 18th Sept 1880 ~

Death:  Captain Arthur William Shirley Ball, otherwise Arthur William Ball, Gerrardstown, Navan  and Abbeylara, Co. Longford died 3rd April 1880. Widow Cecilia Letitia Shirley Ball.

The Times, 23rd Nov 1880 ~

Death Alfred Hudson born 15-11-1808.

1835 elected physician to the Navan Fever Hospital, a position which gave him quite exceptional opportunities of studying the subject of fevers and their various complications. All through the great Irish famine Hudson was gaining experience as a physician and winning the esteem of his fellow men by his coolness and devotion. For 20 years he laboured as a country doctor having as such a very extensive private practice. In 1855 he settled in Dublin.

The Times, 11th April 1881 ~

Cook (experienced) Scotch, wishes situation. Two years good character. Age 28 years. Wages £40, all found. Also young ladies maid and school room maid. Aged 21  years. Address Mrs. Hughes, 6 Flower Hill, Navan, County Meath, Ireland.

The Times, 21st Dec 1881 ~

Lady maid wanted, immediately, for the country. Must be a really first rate dressmaker. Good references indispensable. Undisturbed part of Ireland. Address Mrs. S. Garnett, Arch Hall, Navan, County Meath, Ireland.

The Times, 12th Aug 1884 ~

Death-on the 6th August at Gravel Mount, Navan, County Meath, Thomas Hopkins, Esq., J.P. aged 76.

The Times, 27th Oct 1885 ~

Marriage:  On the 21st inst. at St. Mary Magdalene’s, Mortlake by the Rev. Canon Wenham, Dr. Laurence P. J. Finegan of Navan, Meath to Mary Augusta (Pallie) younger daughter of James Sullivan, Esq., of Barnes and Mexico.


The Times, 14th Feb 1888 ~

Death-On the 11th February, at Dawlish, South Devon, Herbert Vesey Fitzherbert, youngest son of the late Thomas Fitzherbert, Esq., of Blackcastle, Navan, Ireland, aged 25, deeply regretted. Internment at Dawlish.

The Times, 12th May 1891 ~

Required, a private tutor to prepare a boy of 18 for Sandhurst Further Examination. Must be a graduate of Oxford or Cambridge and fond of sport. N.E. Randlestown, Navan, Ireland.

The Times, 8th Jan 1892 ~

Death on Tuesday 6th January 1891 at his residence, The Grove, Navan, Ireland, Edward Tandly, Esq., in his 89th year.

The Times, 17th Sept 1895 ~

On the 11th September at the Catholic Church, Navan, Co. Meath, John Sweetman of Drumbaragh, Kells, eldest son of the late John Sweetman of Dublin, to Agnes, second daughter of John P. Hanly, of Knockboyne, Navan.

The Times, 7th Jan 1898 ~

Death. Fanny, Dowager Lady Dillon died at her residence, Eversleigh, Donnington, Berks on Wednesday at the age of 86. She was the daughter of Mr. Thomas Fox, of Beaminster, Dorset and married in 1840 Sir John Dillon, 6th Baronet, who died in 1875. The funeral will be at the family seat Lismullin, Navan, Meath, next Tuesday.

The Times, 11th Jan 1898 ~

Accident in the hunting field. Mr. C.D. Gilbert, of Trelissick, Truro, Cornwall met with a serious accident yesterday while hunting with the Meath Hounds at Hayes Town, the residence of  Hon. H. Bourke. The injured gentleman was conveyed to his rooms at Navan, and his injuries were pronounced to be of a serious nature.

The Times, 22nd Sept 1898 ~

Marriage -Turner-Statter- 20th September.

Isaac Turner, Navan, Co. Meath, son of the late Samuel J. Turner JP, Co. Louth, to Frances Mary, widow of the late W.H. Statter.

The Times, 10th Aug 1899 ~

Death- Johnstone- on 7th August 1899 at Ardsallagh, Navan, Percy Hope Johnstone  late captain 60 Rifles, age 53 years.

The Times, 25th Aug 1899 ~

Royal Dublin Society Horse Show.

The gaiety of yesterday’s horse show was marred by a sad accident, though it did not at first appear to be of a serious character, resulted in the death of a young Irish sportsman. In the course of the first jumping competition the horse ridden by Mr. Shirley Ball of Gerrardstown Castle, County Meath took a bank and ditch jump in good style, but stumbled immediately afterwards , and threw Mr. Ball, who was riding with a very short bridle, clean over his head.... Mr. Ball was 29 years of age, was a nephew of Lieutenant Colonel Nugent Everard, Randlestown, Navan; and both his uncle and his aunt, Mrs. Everard, who as president of the County Meath Industries Association had a stall at the show, witnessed the accident.

The Times, 8th Feb 1901 ~

A meeting of the Deputy Lieutenants and magistrates of County Meath convened by Mr. Simon Mangan, his majesty’s Lieutenant of the county, was held yesterday at Navan, for the purpose of passing a vote of condolence with the King and Royal Family on the death of the late Queen. Lord Longford presided.

The Times, 3 rd Dec 1900 ~ Bermingham Cattle Show.

Kerries or Dexters. 2nd £5, Mr. Michael Rogers, Watergate Street, Navan.

The Times 2-12-1901.

Oxen or Stores. 2nd £2-2-0 Mr. James Buchanan, Navan.

Birmingham Cattle Show.

The Times, 1st Dec 1902 ~

Kerries or Dexters- Mr. Bernard Rogers, Navan, County Meath.

The Times, 28th Nov 1904 ~

Kerries or Dexters-highly commended-Mr. Bernard Rogers, Navan.
2nd,£5, Mr. Michael Rogers Navan.

The Times, 27th Aug 1902 ~ Dublin Horse Show.

First Prizes in other departments were won by Carrickmacross Convent, the Meath Lace School at Navan....

The Times, 6th Dec 1904 ~ Smithfield Club Show.

Kerry, Dexter and Shetland.

1st M. Rogers, Watergate Street, Navan.

The Times, 30th Dec 1904 ~ Birth.

Kilcairn Park, Navan, the wife of Henry J. J. Stern of a son.

The Times, 23rd Aug 1905 ~ Horse Show

Perpetual Challenge Cup. value £75, and silver medal for the best thoroughbred yearling colt bred in Ireland and owned by an exhibitor resident in Ireland-won by Michael Smith, Navan.

The Times, 5th Oct 1905 ~ Smithfield Club Show.

Small cross bred steers. 2nd -£5. M. Rogers, Watergate Street, Navan.

The Times, 18th Apr 1906 ~

Royal Dublin Society Spring Show. Champion prize of five guineas offered by the Red Polled Society for the best bull in the Norfolk and Suffolk red polled classes- Won by Sir John F. Dillon, Lismullin, Navan.

The Times, 27th Aug  1906 ~ Bishop of Meath.

Court News. The Bishop of Meath left Euston on Saturday for Bishopcourt, Navan.

The Times, 16th Nov 1906 ~

Death on the 14th November at Boyne Hill, Navan, Mary the beloved wife of Edward Sclater.

The Times, 14th Jan 1907 ~ Charitable Gifts.

Mr. Owen Murtagh of Castletown, Meath who died on September 23 left personal estate in the United Kingdom valued at £32,559. He bequated...£1,000 to found a burse at Navan College or Maynooth College...£1,000 to the Convent of Mercy, Navan...

The Times, 8th Sept 1908 ~

At a meeting in Navan today of the Meath Hunt Committee, the offer of the Earl of Fingall to take over the mastership of the Meath Hounds until May 1 was unaminously accepted.

The Times, 2nd Oct 1908 ~

It is intended to present a testimonial to Mr. John Watson on his retirement from the mastership of the Meath Hounds, a position which he has held for the past 17 years. Subscriptions which are not to exceed two guineas, should be sent to Mr. C.F. Watkins, Boyne View, Navan, before November 16.

The Times, 25th Aug 1909 ~ Dublin Horse Show.

The Cooke Challenge Cup for the best hunter brood mare with foal, owned by an exhibitor resident in Ireland, was awarded to Partridge, the property of Mr. Patrick Clarke, of Navan.

The Times, 25th Feb 1910 ~

The Royal United Service Institution has received a letter from Mr. C H S Caldwell, of Antylestown, Navan offering to the British Museum the loan of the gold medal presented to Collingwood in commemoration of Lord Howe's victory of June 1, 1794.

Collingwood had no connection to Navan or Ireland but you may be interested.

The Times, 11th July 1910 ~

The marriage arranged between Major W F Sweny, Toronto and Gladys, youngest daughter of the late R H Metge, Esq., Athlumney, Navan will take place quietly in Dublin on August 3 at St. Ann's Church.

The Times, 24th Aug 1910 ~ Horse Show.

The Perpetual Challenge Cup, value £75  and silver medal for the best thoroughbred yearling filly, bred in Ireland and owned by an exhibitor resident in Ireland, were awarded to Mr. Michael Smith of Curraghtown, Navan for his chestnut, foaled in April 1909.

The Times, 24th Sept 1910 ~ Marriage.

On October 3 there will be the marriage in Dublin of Mr. Evelyn Foster youngest son of the late Mr. John Foster, Reading and Miss Helen Law daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Law of Ardbraccan.

The Times,  11th Nov 1911 ~

Lady Everard.

Society of Milk Ireland.

Lady Everard of Randlestown - a member of the committee.

The Times, 18th Jan 1912 ~

Lady Everard.

The Dublin Drawing Rooms.

Others who are to attend the Royal Courts... Lady Everard wife of Colonel Sir Nugent Everard of Randlestown, Navan.

The Times, 26th May 1913 ~ Death.

Gerrard- on the 20th May 1913, at Gibbstown, Navan Thomas Gerrard D.L. age 70 years.

The Times, 7th June 1913 ~ Death.

The death has taken place at Navan of John Mitchell, who was 107 years of age. He went through the Crimean campaign. One of his two grandsons was in the Royal Dublin Fusileers and was killed at the Dardenelles, and the other is wounded in a Dublin Hospital.

The Times, 1st Aug 1913 ~ Fire.

..A fire at a private house at Navan represented a loss of £35,000...

The Times, 1st Aug  1913 ~ Wedding.

Johanna Redmond (daughter of John Redmond ) Wedding.

A complete list of presents was published. To the Bridegroom... Mr. and Mrs W. Sullivan, Navan, a gold mounted cigarette holder...

The Times, 18th Oct 1913 ~

Prospective Arrangements- Political Speeches- Mr. John Dillon at Navan Sunday October 19, 1913.

The Times, 16th Dec 1913 ~ Hunting.

On Thursday the Meath were at Wilkinstown, six miles from Navan, on the Kingscourt Road. Mountainstown Gorse was first drawn and a fox was killed close to covert.

The Times, 18th June 1915 ~ Divorce.

House of Lords.

Massey’s Divorce Bill  (before the Lord Chancellor, Lord Loreburn, Lord Atkinson, Lord Parker of Waddington, Lord Summer, and Lord Parmoor.)

This was the second reading of a Bill to dissolve the marriage of Hugh Eyre Barton Massy, of Stackallen, Navan, in the County of Meath, with Gladys Massy his wife. The parties were married in Dublin in 1905, and there were two children of the marriage. The wife was fond of riding and racing and was on friendly terms with one Cecil Brabazon, a gentleman rider. On several occasions in 1914 the wife committed adultery with Brabazon, who, counsel stated, used to stay the night at Stackallen when the husband was away, and they stayed for three days as husband and wife at a hotel in Chester. The wife confessed to her husband that she was about to have a child, and that Brabazon was the father, and after that date the husband ceased to cohabit with her.

In November 1914, the husband obtained a decree a mensa et thoro from the Kings Bench Division in Ireland, and an action of criminal conversation in the Kings Bench Division in Ireland against Brabazon. He obtained judgment for £2,000.

There was no opposition to the Bill evidence of the adultery having been given.

The Lord Chancellor moved that the Bill be read a second time.

The Times, 13th Sept 1915 ~ Engagement.

The engagement is announced of Harley MacKenna elder son of the late Duncan and Mrs, MacKenny and grandson of the late Rev. Clary Pritchard, of Navan and Mabel Hadden, Fulham.

The Times, 29th Feb 1916 ~

A marriage will take place in early in March between Richard French Lawrence Whitley, Indian Civil Service, and Gladys, only daughter of L. Finegan, M.D. and Mrs. Finegan, Moatlands, Navan.

The Times, 17th Mar 1916 ~ Court Circular.

Lady Victoria Legge-Bourke has returned to Hayes, Navan.

The Times, 4th Apr 1916 ~

Will-Miss Elizabeth Maude Bulwer. Executor-Charles Henry Bulwer Caldwell of Antylestown, Navan.

The Times, 1st Aug 1916 ~

The marriage took place yesterday, at St. Peter's, Cranley Gardens, of Captain Randolph Cole Metge, 5th Leinster Regiment, third son of the late Mr. R.H. Metge M.P., Athlumney, Navan to Miss Ivy Clementina Graham- Toler.


The Times, 28th Nov 1918 ~

Shirley-Ball- on the 25th November at Gerrardstown, Navan, Cecil Herbert Shirley-Ball, youngest son of the late Capt. Arthur William Shirley-Ball, 8th Hussars, of Gerrardstown, Navan and Abbeylara, Co. Longford. Funeral private, no flowers.


The Times, 14th Dec 1918 ~

A marriage has been arranged, and will shortly take place between Major Robert Henry Roe Scott, M.C., R.F.A., and Muriel Georgina, widow of Hugh F. Malcomson, and youngest daughter of the Late Gustavus Villiers Briscoe of Bellinter, Navan.

Church of Ireland Gazette 7-3-1919.

Wanted- Young Gentlewoman (I.Cu), domesticated, to help with modern poultry keeping and dairy; comfortable home; two maids kept. Apply, stating terms, to Mrs. Butler, Staffordstown, Navan.

The Times, 31st July 1919 ~

The marriage took place at the Guard's Chapel, Wellington Barracks, yesterday, of Lieutenant Colonel Lord Athlumney, R.A., of Somerville, Navan, County Meath and Margery Boan.

Among those present...the Hon. Mary and the Hon. Cecila Somerville...

The Times, 5th Apr 1919 ~

Fletcher- on the 1st April at 89, Lower Baggot St., Dublin, the wife of Thomas Grant Fletcher, Ardmulchan, Navan of a son.

The Times, 6th Aug 1919 ~

Death.News reached Dublin last night of the death at St. Albans, where he had gone to spend a holiday, of the Most Rev. James Bennett Keane. he was born in Dublin in 1849. He was appointed Rector of Navan in 1879...In 1897 he was elected Bishop of Meath.

The Times, 28th Aug  1919 ~ Dublin Horse Show.

The Coote Perpetual Challenge Cup for the best hunter brood mare ... the reserve went to Mr. James Clarke, Navan for his five year old bay.

The Times, 27th Aug 1919 ~ Dublin Horse Show.

The first prize winner for yearling fillies was a fine looking bay, belonging to Mr. James McNally, Dunderry, Navan, who won the Perpetual Challenge Cup.

The Times, 23rd Jan 1920 ~

Colonel Sir Nugent Everard has left Randlestown, Navan for London.

The Times, 27th Jan 1920 ~

Immediately on the news of Lord Plunkett’s death reaching Bishopcourt, Navan, his brother the Bishop of Meath, crossed from Ireland, and arrived in London yesterday.

The Times, 1st Mar 1920 ~

Owing to the illness of her youngest son, the Hon. Mrs Plunkett, wife of the Bishop of Meath has returned to Bishopcourt, Ardbraccan, Navan from London.

The Times, 3rd Apr 1920 ~

Lady Everard has returned to Randlestown, Navan from London.

The Times, 22nd Apr 1920 ~

On the 12th April 1920, suddenly at Victoria Hospital, Belfast, Lilian Margaret ("Gwenn") Cole, daughter of the late Robert Henry Metge, LLD, Athlumney, Navan and Lilian Margaret Metge, Lisburn, Co. Antrim aged 25 years.

The Times, 8th Nov 1920 ~

Lord Athlumney has arrived at Somerville, Navan, from London.

The Times 17-11-1920. Will.

Captain Arthur Stephens Philpotts, R.N. (retired), (76) of Chelston Cross, Torquay, and of Philpottstown, Navan, Ireland, Commadore of the Royal Torbay Yacht Club, Unionist member for Torquay, 1885-1900, J.P. for Devon, Chairman of the Torbay Hospital, and of the local branch of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, who saw war service in the African coast £12,083.

The Times, 15th June 1921 ~ Marriage.

The marriage has been arranged, and will take place in September, between Walter Hyde, of Kempton Park, Sunbury on Thames and Norah, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lowry of Batchelor's Lodge, Navan.

The Times 30-6-1922. Will.

Lieutenant Colonel William Dugold Stuart (60th Rifles and 3rd Bedfordshire Regiment, of Tempsford Hall, Sandy, Beds, of Dowenstown, Navan, Co. Meath, and of Hill-street, W., who died on April 2, age sixty two, left property in his own disposition of the gross value of £383,578 with net personality £245,839.

The Times, 16th Aug 1922 ~ Dublin Horse Show.

Perpetual Challenge Cup for the best thoroughbred yearling filly bred in Ireland- won by Mr. James Clarke, Navan with his chestnut foaled June 1921.

The Times, 16th Aug 1923 ~ Dublin Horse Show.

The Pembroke Cup, which is the most highly coveted trophy of the show, and was presented to the Royal Dublin Society by Lord Pembroke was awarded to Mr. William Carpenter, of Navan, Co. Meath, for his brown mare, Easter Lily.

The Times, 29th Ovt 1923 ~

A marriage has been arranged, and will shortly take place, between W.R. Calvert, second son of Mr. and Mrs. Calvert, of Oakley Court, Surrey, and Janet Gorden daughter of the late William Dove of Kilcarn, Navan, Co. Meath and widow of Major Ashley Featherstonehaugh, 14th Kings Hussars.

The Times, 23rd Nov 1923 ~

The above marriage took place... in England. There was no reception after the ceremony and no invitations were sent out, but a good number of relatives and friends attended the wedding.

The Times, 24th Apr 1924 ~

On the 23rd April at St. Margarets, Westminister- Frederick Julius Irvine, Vicar of Luddington, Leicester, to Dorothy Elise Cole, youngest daughter of the late Robert Henry Metge,L.L.D., M.P., Athlumney, Navan and Mrs. Metge.

The Times 19-6-1943.

Death-Metge-on June 5, 1943, at Guilford,Francis Charles Metge, Captain, Royal Artillery, sixth son of the late R.H. Metge, Athlumney, Navan, Co. Meath.
The Times 10-1-1951.

Death- Metge- on Jan. 8, 1951, very peacefully, Lady Clementine Ivy Metge of 26 Lowndes St., London, widow of captain Rudolph Cole Metge, Athlumney, Navan. Funeral private. No flowers.

The Times, 8th Aug 1951 ~ T.P. McIvor, Garlow Cross, Dublin Horse Show.

The Times, 29th Aug 1951 ~

Greenkeepers meeting. The second days play in the British Greenkeepers Association annual meeting washeld at Lancaster yesterday. D. Fleming (8), Bellinter Park, Navan shared second place with a score of 145.

The Times, 21st Jan 1952 ~

Will-John Quinn, Navan,director Bolands Ltd., bakers, Dublin £55,709 estate.

The Times, 5th July 1957 ~

Injured in car accident in England. Sir Edward Sharpe, who is 29, lives at Dunderry Park, Navan.

The Times, 1st Jan 1960 ~

Engagement John David George Pollock, Mountainstown, Navan.

The Times, 14th July 1960 ~

Death 8-7-1960 Thomas Somerville Reeves, Blackcastle, Navan, husband of Olive and father of Alice and Sheila.

The Times, 9th Aug 1960 ~

Death 6-8-1960. Wilmot Gertrude Robertson widow Major J.G. Collins, Boyne Hill House, Navan.

The Times 9th Nov 1961 ~

Engagement Francis Mitchell, Brownstown House, Navan.

The Times, 19th Feb 1962 ~

A. Mallinson, joint  managing director, Navan Carpets.

The Times, 21st Sept 1962 ~

Death 18th September 1662  Helen Foster, Ardbraccan House, Navan mother of Aileach and Owain.

The Times, 24th July 1963 ~

Will- Mrs Helen Emilia Foster estate £83,842.

The Times, 14th Oct 1963 ~

Engagement Quentin Agnew Somerville, Somerville, Navan.

The Times, 17th Mar 1964 ~

Death: Major Patrick Henry Anthony Burke age 51 racehorse breeder and former master of Ballymacad Hounds, was killed yesterday while hunting at Ballymadun, Co. Dublin with the Ward Union Hounds. His horse fell into a drain trapping him under the animal. He lived at Stackallen House, Navan, Co. Meath.

The Times, 21st Sept 1964 ~ Engagement

Dr. T. Lomas Joseph Henry, son Francis and Ann Henry, Navan.

The Times, 17th May 1965 ~

Engagement Patrick Walker elder son of Lieutenant Colonel C.R.P. Walker, Gravelmount, Navan.

The Times, 25th Nov 1966 ~

Death 23 November 1966 John Gerard Watson Till, Kilcarne Park, Navan.

The Times, 3rd Jan 1967 ~

Death 30 December 1966 John Pollock, Mountainstown, Navan. aged 70.

The Times, 26th June 1967 ~

Engagement Nicholas Bethel Wachman, Bective House.

The Times, 24th Feb 1968 ~

Engagement Peter David Wachman son Norman H. Wachman, Bective House, Navan.

The Times, 8th Apr 1968 ~

Engagement Denise Caroline Iris Walker daughter Lieutenant Colonel C.R.P. Walker, Gravelmount, Navan.

The Times, 31st July 1968 ~

Engagement Moira Elizabeth daughter Sir Arthur Pilkington and Mrs. A. Burke, Stackallen, Navan.

The Times, 29th Mar 1969 ~

Engagement Eden Fitzherbert son T.A.V. Fitzherbert, Midstream, Navan.

The Times, 30th July 1969 ~

Engagement Deirdre Joceyln Wingfield daughter Brigadier A.D.R. Wingfield DSO  MC,Brownstown Park, Navan.

The Times, 24th Sept 1969 ~

Ireland-Couple wanted either Butler or Parlour maid and Housekeeper, top wages: can interview London, October 6th to 9th; foreigners acceptable; state age, send references. Mrs. Norman Wachman, Bective House, Navan, Co. Meath, Southern Ireland.

The Times, 8th Sept 1970 ~

Death -Olive Lilian Murphy 73- Kilcarne widow of Doctor H.G. Ross, Navan.

The Times, 4th Oct 1970 ~

Death- Bishop Patrick Cleary, 84 who was expelled from China in 1952 after a show trial. Bishop of Nancheng.

The Times, 4th Dec 1970 ~

Navan Mining Prospects. If Mr. Wright, who is in his seventies, believes he is sitting on a bonanza, he is saying nothing. Before retreating into his white washed farmhouse yesterday he would admit only to keeping his fingers crossed.

The Times, 2nd Mar 1971 ~

Death Aidan Louis Peter Sandy, Ardbraccan Lodge, Navan.

The Times, 4th Sept 1971 and 22nd July 1971 ~

Marriage Caroline A. Foster daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Owain Foster, Ardbraccan House, Navan.

The Times, 4th Jan 1972 ~

Death Edward William Mitchell formerly Brownstown House, Navan.

The Times, 4th Feb 1972 ~

Basil Hanson Sales Director, Navan Carpets

The Times, 8th Feb 1972 ~

Navan carpets Charles A.B. McLean to main board as marketing director.

The Times, 1st May 1972 ~

Birth 20-4-1972 Peter Baggally-Annabelle Walsh -son Dominic, Gainstown House, Navan.

The Times, 31st Aug 1972 ~

Nursery Governess wanted  to look after three intelligent children girls 7 and 5 and boy 2; teaching experience useful but not essential; must be able to drive; house 25 miles Dublin; other staff kept. Please reply to the Hon. Mrs Agnew Somerville, Somerville House, Brownstown, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland.

The Times, 9th Dec 1972 ~

Death -8-12- 1972 Rachel Hilary Chaine Nichson, Balrath, Navan.

The Times, 1st Jan 1973 ~

Engagement -Catherine Clarke, Balreask Stud, Navan daughter Mr. and Mrs Patrick Clarke.

The Times, 8th Mar 1974 ~

Engagement Tom Fitzherbert, Midstream, Navan, younger son Mr. and Mrs Tom Fitzherbert.

The Times, 6th Jan 1978 ~

Engagement -Robin Miles Amoore elder son Mrs Owain Foster, Ardbraccan House.

The Times. Death 21-1-1980. Cecily Mary Elizabeth Hornsby widow Captain James Arthur Hornsby Old Rectory, Beauparc.

The Times, 7th Jan 1983 ~

Engagement -Elizabeth Kenny daughter Mr. and Mrs. David Kenny, Knightstown, Navan.

The Times, 17th Feb 1983 ~

Engagement- David Wilson eldest son J.Wilson, Mrs. P. Wilson, Navan.

Engagement -Phillip Mitchell eldest son Mr/Mrs Dominic Mitchell, Brownstown Lodge, Navan.

Death- 10-12-1980 Juliet (Judy) wife Brigadier A.D.R. Wingfield, Brownstown Park, Navan estate £247,619.

The Times, 31st Aug 1984 ~

Engagement Baron Alexis Wrangel, Brownstown Lodge, Navan.

Death -Betty Moyra Till, Kilcarn Park, Navan.

Engagement- James Harman Thompson, The Queens Royal Irish Hussars, son Major and Mrs. Kenneth Thompson, Triermore, Fordstown, Navan.

Engagement-Edmond Connolly Mahony, elder son Captain/ Mrs Denis Mahony. Bessborough, Balrath, Navan.

The Times, 25th May 1987 ~

Will: Sir Oliver George Lambart of Navan left estate £1,008,981.

The Times, 23rd Dec 1987 ~

Thomas Christopher Martin buried Ardbraccan 17-12-1987.

The Times, 28th Mar 1992 ~

Mr.J.A.R. Pollock/ Miss A.S. Langrishe; The engagement is announced: Arthur elder son of  Mr. and Mrs. John Pollock, Mountainstown, Navan and Atlanta, youngest daughter of Sir Hercules and Hon. Lady Langrishe, Ringlestown, Kilmessan.

The Times, 1st Nov 1995 ~

Death-Anthony Desmond Rex Wingfield aged 87. Wife Judy daughter Deirdre grand daughter Camilla.

The Times, 19th Aug 1996 ~

Death -Lt., Colonel Owain Foster, Ardbraccan House, Navan, age 80 husband  of Pat.

The Times, 30th Dec 2000 ~

Death -Patricia Frances Foster, Ardbraccan, Navan, wife late Owain Foster mother Robin, Michael step mother Caroline, sister Eileen, Terence, Kathleen. Cremation.

No more personal notices about Navan people appeared in The Times.