The Times, 19th July 1916 ~

At a meeting of the County Meath Committee of the Gaelic Athletic Association in Navan, a letter was read from the Customs Office in London pointing out that at a recent football match held in Navan, persons were admitted for payment, but no entertainments tax had been levied on the payments. The Customs Board understood that exemption from the tax was claimed on the ground that the meeting was held under the rules of the Gaelic Athletic Association, but it should be understood that the Central Council of the Association had already been definitely informed that entertainments held by them or by clubs affiliated had no title to exemption.

The letter requested that within 14 days the Customs Office should be supplied with a return showing the number of persons admitted at each price, together with a remittance for the amount of the tax. The secretary said that the Central Council had instructed the County Committee to ignore the letter. No action was taken on the matter.