The Dublin Almanac and General Register of Ireland, 1847


A maritime county in the province of Leinster, bounded on the east by the Irish Sea, on the north east by Louth, on the south east by Dublin, on the south west by the King's county, on the south by Kildare, on the west by Westmeath, on the north west by Cavan, and on the north by the county Monaghan.
Greatest length east and west, 47 miles; greatest breadth north and south, 40 miles; comprising an area of 906 square miles, or 579,899 acres, of which 547,391 are arable, 16,033 uncultivated, 13,767 in plantations, 464 in towns, and 3,244 under water.  The rivers are the Boyne and the Blackwater; the Roval Canal passes through the county.

The county is divided into 19 baronies — Deece Lower and Upper, Drogbeda, Duleek Lower and Upper, Dunboyne, Derresfore, Kells Lower and Upper, Lune, Morgnllion, Moyfenrath Lower and Upper Navan, Lower and Upper Ratoath, Skreen, and Slane Lower and Lower.  The portion of St. Mary's parish, Drogheda, outside the municipal boundary of the town, forms the new barony of Drogheda.  These are subdivided into 146 parishes.  The county is in Meath diocese, with portions in Armagh and Kilmore.
The Assizes are held at Trim, and Quarter Sessions at Drogheda, Duleek, Dunshaughlin, Kells, Navan, and Trim. Petty Sessions in 17 places.  The population in 1841 was 183,828; 171,726 in the rural, and 12,102 in the civic district.  The county returns 2 members to parliament; constituency, 1,497.   (Explanation: number of people entitled to vote).

Mathew Elias Corbally, esq. brother in law of Lord Fingall, and son-in-law of Lord Gormanston, Corbalton-Hall, Dunshaughlin.
Henry Grattan, esq. Reform Club, London; and Moyrath, in this county.
Lieutenant: The Right Hon. The Lord Dunsany, Dunsany Castle, in this county.
Vice Lieutenant: Robert Fowler, Esq. Rathmolyon.
High Sherrif: See Judge of Assizes List, page 208.
Custos  Rotulorum: Edward, Baron Dunsany, Dunsany castle, in this county.

Deputy Lieutenants:
Right Hon. Earl of Fingall, Killeen castle.
Hon. Gustavus Frederick John James Hamilton, Stackallen house.
Sir Wm. M. Somerville, bart. M.P. Somerville.
James VVm. Lenox Naper, esq. Lougbcrew.
Christopher Armitage Nicholson, esq. Balrath.
Gustavus Lambart, esq. Beau parc.
William Blaney Wade, esq. Clonebrany.
George Lucas Nugent, esq. Castlerickard.
Anthony Strong Hussey, esq. Westown.
John Thompson, eaq. Rathnally.
Anthony John Dopping, esq. Culmullen.
Edward Bligh, esq. Brittas.
Robert Fowler, esq. Rathmolion.
Henry Singleton, esq. Aclare.
Henry Smith, esq. Annsbrook.
Richard Rothwell, esq. Rockfíeld.
The Hon. Edward Preston, Gormanston castle.
Robert Bourke, esq.
Robert George Bomford, esq. Rahanstown.
John Farrell, esq. Moynalty.
Asssistant Barrister: The Hon. John Plunket, Q.C.  30 Upper Fitzwilliam street.

Augustus Frederick, Duke of Leinster, Carton, Maynooth.
Arthur, Duke of Wellington, London.
Thomas, Marquess of Headfort, Headfort house,  Kells.
Marquess of Conyngham, Slane castle.
Arth. Js. Earl of Fingall, Killeen cas. Dunshaughlin.
Edw. Baron Dunsany, Dunsany cas. Dunshaughlin.
Hon. Edw. Preston, Gormanstn. castle. Balbriggan.
Hon. Edward Plunket, Captain R.N. Dunsany.
Hon. Ths. Preston, Gormanston Cas. Balbriggan.
Sir Gerald G. Aylmer, bt. Dondea castle, co. Kildare.
Sir William Meredyth Somerville, bart. M.P. Somerville, Balrath, Ashbourne.
Blayney T. Balfour, esq. Townley hall, Drogheda.
Christr. Armitage Nicholson, esq. Balrath, Kells.
John Downing Nesbitt esq. Leixlip, Dublin, and  Tubberdaly, King's county.
Samuel Garnett, jnr. esq. Somerseat, Clonee.
Charles Hamilton, esq. Hamswood, Cloonee.
John Pratt Winter, esq. Agher, Summerhill.
Westby Percival, esq.
Gustavus Lambart, esq. Beau parc, Slane.
Thomas Gerard, esq. Liscartan, Navan.
John Aylmer, esq. Courtown.
Wm. Blaney Wade, esq. Clonebrany, Crossakeale.
William Briscoe, esq. Riversdale, Kinnegad.
Anthony Strong Hussey, esq. Westown, Balbriggan.
Js. Lenox Wm. Naper, esq. Loughcrew, Oldcastle.
Edward Rotherham, esq. Crossdrum, Oldcastle.
Joseph Browne, esq. Elmgrove, Trim.
Nathaniel Manning, esq. Drakestown, Arda.
Francis Anderson, esq. Eastham, Drogheda.
John Thompson, esq. Rathnally, Trim.
Wm. Edward Grainger, esq. Caucestown, Navan.
Robert Bourke, esq. Hayes, Navan.
George Cusack. esq. Moyagher, Athboy.
Richard Rothwell, jun. esq. Rockfield, Kells.
John A. Nicholson, esq.
John Johnson, esq. Warrenstown, Dunshaughlin.
Robt. Geo. Bomford, esq. Rahanatown, Smnmerh.
Geo. Henry Pentland, esq. Blackhall, Drogheda.
Geo. Moore Adams, esq. Aclare lodge, Drumcondra.
John Farrell, esq. Moynalty.
Henry Barry Coddington, esq. Farm, Drogheda.
Mat E. Corbally, esq. M.P.Corbalton, Dunshaughlin.
Patrick Lynch, esq. Tara hall, Dunshaughlin.
Richd. More O'Ferrall, esq. M.P. Ballyna, Clonard.
John Hyacinth Nangle, esq. Garrisker, Clonard.
Peter Ponsonby Metge, esq. Athlumney, Navan.
Major Richard Pepper, Ballygarth.
Robert Taaffe, esq. Ardmulchan, Navan.
Thomas Barnes, esq. Moynalty.
Thomas Rotherham, esq. Drewstown, Athboy.
Joseph Armstrong, esq. Kingscourt.
Samuel Winter, esq. Tullaghard, Trim.
John Radcliffe, esq. Kells.
Hugh O'Reilly, esq. Newgrove, Kells.
Francis Murphy, esq. Kilcaime house, Navan.
Michael Thunder, esq. Lagore, Dunshaughlin.
Robert Fleetwood Rynd, esq. Ryndfield, Enfield.
Thomas Brodigan, esq. Pilltown, Drogheda.
Geo. Despard, esq. (resident magistrate,) Toberlinan, Summerhill.
Edward Bligh, esq. Brittas.
Henry Smith, esq. Annsbrook, Duleek.
Thomas James Fetherston H. esq.
Richard Bolton, esq. Bective lodge, Navan.
Lambert Disney, esq. Clifdon lodge, Athboy.
Robert Fowler, esq. Rathmolion.
George Foster, esq. Coolderry, Drumcondra.
George Bomford, esq. Oakly park, Kells.
Henry Corbet Singleton, esq. Aclare.
Samuel Garnet, esq. Arch hall, Navan.
William Barlow Smythe, esq. Barbavilla house, Castletowndelvin.
George Blackburne, esq. Adamstown.
James Mathews, esq. Mount Hanover.
Robert Tighe Hopkins, esq. Tankardstown, Navan.
Matthew Brinkley, esq. Parsonstown, Slane.
Charles Barnewall, esq. Meadestown, Trim.
James N. Waller, esq. Allanstown, Navan.
Pierce Morton, esq. Kilnacrot, Ballyjamrsduff.
Henry Meredyth, esq. Randalstown, Navan.
John Young, esq. Philpotstown, Navan.
Richard Chaloner, esq. Kingsfort, Kells.
John Tysdall, esq. Charlesfort, Kells.
Samuel Arthur Reynell, esq. Archestown, Castletowndelvin.
Thomas Rothwell. esq. Blackcastle, Navan.
Anthony O'Reilly, esq. Beltrasna, Oldcastle.
Richard Maguire. esq. Newgrange, Slane.
Isaac North Bomford, esq. Ferrans, Kilcock.
William Thompson, esq. Rosa, Mount Nugent.
John Wilson, esq. Rusk, Clonee.
John O'Connor, esq. Gravelmount, Nobber.
Thomas Battersby, esq. Knockrath.
William Hopkins, esq. Frayne, Athboy.
Arthur James Netterville, esq. Cruice Rath.
John Coote Barnes, esq. Mahonstown, Kells.
Laurence Delany, esq. Navan.
Samuel Smyth, esq. Cherrymount, Moynalty.
Francis Battersby, esq. Bobsville, Crossakeale.
Robt Craven Wade, esq. Clonebraney, Сrossakeale.
William Murphy, esq. Kilbrew, Dunshaughlin.
Joseph Lynch, esq. Roebuck, Mount Nugent.
George Garnett, esq. Williamstown.
Nathanl. Preston, esq. Swanstown, Dunshaughlin.
Richard Nassau Bolton, esq. Adamstown h. Trim.
Richard Dyas, Heathstown, Athboy.
William Smyth, esq. Cregg.
William Lamb Palmer, esq. Rahan house, Clonard.
Robert Ну. Battersby, esq. Lakefield, Crossakeale.
Charles Cannon, esq. Moyglare house, Maynooth.
William Walsh, esq. Steddalt, Balbriggan.
Henry Green, esq. Courthill, Dunboyne.
Jn. Osborne G.Pollock, esq. Mountainstown, Navan.
Captain William Graham, Grangemore.
Henry Alexander Hamilton, esq. Hampton hall, Balbriggan.
Js. Somerville, esq. Ross hs. Mt. Nugent со. Cavan.
Whitwell Butler, esq. Staffordstown, Navan.

Militia (Royal Regt.), Staff stationed at Kells:
Colonel, The Most Noble the Marquess of Headfort, Headfort castle, in this county.
Lieutenant Colonel, Sir William de Bathe, bart.
Adjutant, Captain Joshua Clare.
Agents, Cane and Co.
Clerk of the Crown, John James Sandford, esq.
Clerk of the Peace, Robert Chambers, esq. Trim, and Glenageary, со. Dublin.
Deputy, Mr. G. Atkinson.
Crown Solicitor at Quarter Session, Wm. Forde, esq.
Treasurer, Fleming P. O'Reilly, esq. Rathaldron castle, Navan, and 15 Mountjoy square Nth.
Secretary to the Grand Jury, Wm. Allen, esq,. Trim.
County Surveyor, Samuel Searancke, esq. Trim.
Inspector of Weights and Measures, Mr. W. W. Sadlier, Kells; Mr. Hugh Hanbury, Trim.
Sub Sheriff, Wm. M. Ennis. esq. Belmont, Navan.
Returning Officer, Thomas Conroy, esq. 20 Lower Dominick street.
Coroner, William Thorogood, esq. Ballindrimna, Athboy.

County Gaol, Trim:
Inspector, Rev. James Hamilton.
Chaplain, Rev. James Hamilton.
Roman Catholic Chaplain, Rev. John O'Connell.
Surgeon, Henry Clifford, M.D.
Apothecary, Mr. Wallace.
Governor, William Smarte, esq.
Distributor of Stamps, Archbd. Nicholls, esq. Navan.

County Infirmary, Navan:
Treasurer, Thomas Rothwell, esq. Black castle.
Surgeon, F. D. Hamilton, M.D.
Secretary, John Quinn.

District Lunatic Asylum at North Brunswick Street, Dublin:
Manager, S. Wrigley, esq.
Physician, Alexander Jackson, M.D.
Surgeon, George Blood, esq.
Commissioner of Affidavits,
Robert J. Dyas, CH. Q.C.E. and Master Extra, CH.
J. Timmin, Master Extra, CH. Q.C.E. Navan.
Neville P. Newman, Master Extrra, CH. Q.C.E. Trim.
Robert Owens, CH. Q.C.E. Kells.
John Smith, CH.Q.C.E. and Master Extra, CH. Kells.

List of Places and Days where Petty Sessions are Held:
Athboy. third Wednesday.
Crossakiel, second Wednesday.
Drumcondra, second Monday.
Duleek, second Tuesday.
Donboyne, Clonee, third Wednesday.
Dnnshanghlin, second Friday.
George's Cross, Navan, second Monday.
Julianstown, second Tuesday.
Kells, second Saturday.
Longwood, Clonard, sec. Tnesday.
Moynalty, second Thursday.
Navan, second Monday.
Oldcastle, second Monday
Slane, second Friday.
Summerhill, second Tuesday.
Trim, second Saturday.