Lawlor's Bakery



Lawlor's Bakery in Trimgate St. is shown below as it was in 1890 and as it is today.

Lawlor's Bakery ceased trading in 1970.

lawlors bakery 1890

Fig. 1 Trimgate St. Navan 1890.


trimgate st today

Fig.2. Trimgate St today - location of Lawlor's Bakery.


barney kane

Fig. 3. Lawlor's yard 1930s.  Barney Kane, back from the railway station

with coke for the ovens.

joe lawlor and tommy kane











Fig. 4.  Joe Lawlor (right) and Tommy Kane in Lawlor's Yard 1930s.

lawlors bread van




















Fig. 5 Lawlor's Bread Van 1930s.

All photographs are courtesy of the Lawlor Family