Navan Penannular Brooch – as recorded by the

National Museum of Ireland

Found by Miss Rosaline Murtagh while planting rhubarb. She does not remember whether it was in her own garden (townland Knockumber) or that of a neighbour (townland Commons). D shaped cross section with flat expanded terminals. Terminals decorated with continuous rope moulding around the edges.

Dimensions of ring 3.83cm X 3.73 being widest on horizontal axis. Length of terminals circa 2.2cm max. Width of terminals .97. Width of ring beyond terminals .42cm. Top of ring .18cm. Top of terminals .8cm

One edge of the pin has been hammered flat and evenly expanded. It was then bent into a loop for attachment to the ring. Immediately below this the pin has a roughly oval cross section but inclines towards a rectangular hook shape.             TA/74/80