Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland, 1846


Formerly a parliamentary borough, is a market town and parish, in the barony of Lower Navan, county of Meath 29 miles n.n.w. from Dublin, and 16 1/2 s.w. from Drogheda; agreeably situated at the junction of the Boyne and Blackwater rivers, which are crossed by two stone bridges.  It is one of the first boroughs established by the English in the palatinate of Meath, and was brought into notice by the patronage of the Baron of Navan, who, about the close of the twelfth century, founded an abbey here for Augustinian canons.
The town consists of three principle streets, from which several other branch off in various directions.  The flour and corn trade is very great in Navan, owing chiefly to the facilities afforded by the above named rivers, and the navigable cut to Drogheda.  These streams propel numerous flour mills; Mr. Blundell's picturesque flax mill; a paper mill; and a woollen cloth mill.  There are two large tanneries in the town, and two well conducted hotels; one of these Brady's is a boarding house also.  The retail trade of the town is very active; several of the shopkeepers of the hardware and other trades transacting business to a great extent.  The public buildings and institutions, besides those for divine service, are a county infirmary,  a fever hospital, a dispensary, a courthouse, and bridewell, a union workhouse for the district, a savings bank and a loan fund.

The parish church is a modern edifice, with a fine pinnacled tower, which from its position is a pleasing object to a great distance; a tuneful organ adorns the tasteful interior.  The handsome Roman Catholic chapel; the convent, with its pretty garden; and the  priests' residence, form a group highly ornamental to the locality.  Within the town is St. Finian's Catholic academy founded in 1802, now under the patronage of the Right Rev. Dr.Cantwell, in which youth are prepared for the priesthood and the learned professions.  The school endowed by Alderman Preston, of Dublin, affords also education of a superior order to Protestant youth.  There is a smaller endowed school on Flourhill, and a national school, besides that in the convent for females.  At Stackallan House, four miles distant on the Drogheda road, is the college of St. Columba, a Protestant institution for the cultivation of the Irish language and the classics.

Among the attractive residences in the vicirage of Navan is Blackwater Castle, on the bank of that river; the charming residence of Mrs. Fitzherbert and Thomas Rothwell, Esq.  Many interesting ruins are scattered in the vicinage, and a mile and a half on the Drogheda road is a round tower in fine preservation, having been lately renovated by Thomas Rothwell, Esq. Large markets are held on Wednesday and Saturday.  Fairs third Monday in January, Easter Monday, Trinity Monday, fourth Monday in July, second Monday in September, fourth Monday in October, and first Monday in December.

Population of the parish, in 1841, 7,475, and of the town 5,628 of that number. POST OFFICE, Ludlow street, John Mullen, Post Master—Letters from all parts arrive every night at half past eleven, and are despatched every night at half past twelve.

Blake Rev. Richard, Academy st.
Bolton Richd. Esq. J.P. Bective Lodge.
Bourke Robert, Esq., J. P. Haes.
Corbally, Matthew Elias, Esq. M. P. Corbalton House.
Delany Lawrence, Esq. J. P. Navan.
Dunsany Baron, Dunsany Castle.
Eagar Alexr. Esq. Military Barracks.
Fitzherbert Mrs. Margt. Black Castle.
Flynn Rev. Edward, Academy st.
Garnet Samuel, Esq. J. P. Arch Hall.
Gerrard Mrs. Colonel—, Boyne hill.
Gerrard Thomas, Esq. J. P. Liscarton.
Grainger William Edward, Esq. J. P. Causestown.
Halpin Mrs. Ann, Church st.
Hopkins Robert Tighe, Esq. J. P. Tankardstown.
Horan Rev. Patrick, Academy st.
Johnston John, Esq. Warrenstown.
Lambert Gustavus, Esq. D. L. Slane.
Lynch Patrick, Esq. Tara Hall.
M'Donald Mrs. Ann, Mill brook.
M'Namara Rev. George, Church st.
Meredyth Henry, Esq. Randalstown.
Metge Peter Ponsonby, Esq. J. P. Athlumney.
Morgan James, Esq, Flour hill.
Murphy Fras. Esq. J.F. Kilcairne House.
O'Connell Rev. Eugene, Academy st.
O'Reilly Rev. Eugene, Academy st.
O'Reilly Fleming P. Esq. (county treasurer), Rathaldrin Castle.
O'Reilly Mr. James, (attorney), Academy st.
Power Rev. Dr. Nicholas Thomas, Academy st.
Rothwell Thomas, Esq. J.P. Black Castle.
Shore Miss Ann, Academy st.
Singleton Rev. Robert Corbett, M.A. Stackallan House.
Slater H. B. W. Esq. Belville House, Dunshaughlin.
Taaffe, Robert, Esq. J. P. Ardmulchan.
Thompson Rev. Robt. Green Mount.
Waller James N. Esq. J. P. Allenstown House.
Worthy Mrs. Elizabeth, Athlumney Cottage.
Young John, Esq. Philpotstown.

Academies & Schools
Convent School, Chapel hill— Mrs. Finn, superioress.
Endowed School (Preston's), Trim gate—Wm. Legge, head master.
Flour Hill School—Patrick Callary, master; Margaret Robinson, mistress.
National School, Chapel hill— William Downey, master; Judith Bird, mistress.

Saint Columba's College, Stackallan House
Warden—Rev. Robert Corbet Singleton, M.A.;
Mathematical Tutor—Rev. Robert King B.A.;
Greek Tutor—Matt.C.Morton, B.A.;
Latin Tutor—Rev. Hy. Tripp, M.A.;
Irish Tutor—Mr. John T. Coffey;
Bursar–George F. Nedham.

Saint Finian's Catholic Academy, Academy street
Principal——Rev. Dr. Nicholas Power.
Mathematical Tutor—Rev. Edward Flynn.
Latin & Greek Tutors—Rev. Patrick Horan, Rev. Eugene O'Connell and the Rev. Richard Blake.

Hazelwood Philip, Market square.
Nicolls Archibald, Ludlow st.
Timmon John, Market square.

Carroll Edward, Ludlow st.
Lawlor William, Trimgate.
Morgan William, Watergate.
Navan Bakery, William Campbell, manager.

Farrelly Peter, Flour hill.
Leonard John, Trimgate.
Marley John, Trimgate.
Rooney Lawrence, Ludlow st.

Boot & Shoe Makers
Carty Maurice, Brew’s hill.
Flood Elizabeth, Market square.
Halpin Thomas, Market square.
Morgan Thomas, Ludlow st.

Flood James, Trimgate.
Heeney Thomas, Flour hill.
Nulty Denis (& coffin maker), Chapel hill.
Coach and Car Makers.
Alder John, Ludlow st.
Lavey Michael, Trimgate.
M‘Elroy Patrick, Trimgate.

Coal Merchants
Chadwick John & Francis, Navan, and Drogheda.
Delany Lawrence & Patrick, Athlumney wharf.
Finegan Lawrence, Church st.
M'Ardle James, Academy st.

Derham Mary, Ludlow st.

Corn & Flour Dealers
Clarke James, Trimgate.
Clarke Thomas, Trimgate.
Flood Christie, Trimgate.
Keely John, Trimgate.
Worthy J. & F. Trimgate.

Farrelly Patrick, Trimgate.
Martin Thomas, Trimgate.
Reilly Edmund, Watergate st.

Eating and Lodging Houses
Matthews Owen, Trinigate.
Moore Patrick, Tringate.
O'Neil Patrick, Trimgate.
Reilly John, Trimgate.
Walsh Joseph, Ludlow st.

Flax Spinner
Blundell Francis, Navan Flax Mill

Marked thus * are Wine & Spirit Dirs also.
Brady Bridget, Market square.
Brady Bridget, Trimgate.
*Brady Edward, Ludlow st.
Brady Joseph, Trimgate.
Buchanan Michael, Market square.
Carolan Owen, Trimgate.
*Casey James, Market square.
Clarke Eliza, Trimgate.
*Gugerty Margaret, Watergate st.
*Kealy Matthew, Ludlow st.
*Madden Francis (and general mer-
chant), Watergate street.
Neary John, Trimgate.
Reilley Edmund, Watergate st.
*Reilly Philip, Ludlow st.
*Timmon William, Watergate st.
Veitch Bridget, Trimgate.

Hotels (See also Public Houses)
Brady's Hotel (commercial & posting), Patrick Brady, Ludlow st.
Northern Star Hotel, Margaret Sheerin, Ludlow st.

Ironmongers and Hardwaremen
Brady Bridget, Market square.
Brady Joseph, Trimgate.
Madden Francis (and merchant and
Birmingham and Sheffield warehouse), Watergate st.
Neary John, Trimgate

Leather Sellers
Carty Maurice, Brew's hill.
Conway William (aud nail maker), Chapel hill.
Dealy Patrick, Market square.
Gargan Patrick, Watergate st.
Hamilton Adam, Watergate st.
M'Kenna Edward, Trimgate.
Navagh & Moore, Watergate st.

Linen Drapers
Carolan Margaret, Market Square.
Clarke Nicholas, Watergate st.
Gibney Rosanna & Catherine, Market square.
Horan Thomas, Market square.
Kealy & Co. Ludlow St.
Morrissy Jeremiah, Market square

Byrne Patrick, Navan Mill.
Chadwick John and Francis, Boyle Mill—Michael Worthy, manager.
Delany Lawrence and Patrick, Athlumney Mills.
Finegan Laurence, Church St.
M'Cann Jas. & Sons, Kilcarn Mills.
Morgan William, Polboy Mill.
Mullens James, Navan Mill.
Skelly, Robert Henry and James, Blackwater Mills.
Smith & Smyth, Navan & Drogheda.

Painters And Glaziers
Monaghan Hugh, Trimgate.
Monaghan John, Corn market.

Physicians ans Surgeons
Byron Luke,M.D. Dublin road.
Gilroy Peter, M.D. Leigh brook.
Hamilton Francis D. M.D. Church view.
Hazlewood Philip, M.D. Market square.
Hudson Alfred, M.D. Violet hill.
Nicolls Patrick Jas. M.D. Black castle.

Printers - Letter - Press
Gass John, Academy st.
M'Caul Thomas (and bookseller), Ludlow street.

Provision Dealers
Bedford Patrick, Watergate st.
Birch Noah, Market square.
Carey Andrew, Ludlow st.
Cassidy Christopher, Ludlow st.
Everrard Patrick, Watergate st.
Ford James, Market Square.
HarperThomas, Flour hill.
Keappock Thomas, Market square.
Meighan Ryan, Flour hill.
Mullens James, Ludlow st.

Public Houses
Byrne Marcella, Trimgate.
Davis William, Chapel hill.
Gargan Patrick, Watergate st.
Gerrard Thomas, Watergate st.
Meighan John, Ludlow st.
Melady Matthew, Watergate st.
O'Neil Patrick, Trimgate.
Reilly John, Flour hill.
Sheridan Philip, Trimgate.

Brady Richard, Watergate street
Daly Patrick, Market square
Donnellan Joseph, Flour hill
Reilly William, Market square

Brady Bridget, Market square.
Roberts John (& gunpowder warehouse), Ludlow st.
Straw Bonnet Makers and Millners.
Christy Ellen, Ludlow street.
Farley Teresa, Ludlow street.

Connor Kerrigan, Watergate st.
Flood Terence, Trimgate.
Kelly Andrew, Ludlow st.
Kelly James, Sandy mount.
Magrath John,Tringate.
Rourke James, Trimgate.
Seery John, Church hill.

Tallow Chandlers
Aylmer James, Watergate st.
Brady Joseph, Trimgate.
Casey James, Market Square.

Gargan Patrick, Watergate st.
Hamilton Adam, Watergate st.
Navagh & Moore, Watergate st.

Timber Merchants
Bridget, Market square.
Brady Joseph, Trimgate.
Neary John, Trimgate.

Lowry Patrick, Trimgate.
Quin John, Trimgate.

Browne Michael, paper maker, Millbrook.
Byrne James, clothes dealer, Trimgate.
Byrne John, auctioneer, Trimgate.
Davis William, plumber, Chapel hill.
Dobell John, supervisor, Academy st.
Finagan Laurence, pawnbroker, Ludlow st.
Flinn James, brass founder, Chapel hill.
Ford James, woollen manufacturer, Market square and Millbrook.
Gallagher John, whip maker, Trimgate.
Gargan Michael, butcher, Watergate st.
Hopson Francis, farming implement maker, Academy st.
M'Ardle James, sacking manufacturer, Academy st.
M'Carty Martin, china, earthenware and glass dealer, Watergate st.
M'Eiver Thomas, sieve maker, Flour hill.
Magrath John, clothes dealer, Trimgate.
Mason Wm. machine maker, Fair green.
Rogers John, teacher of music, Academy st.
Russell Nicholas, butcher, Watergate st.
Russell Robert, watch and clock maker, Watergate st.
Ryley Bryan,sacking manufacturer,Trimgate.
Timmon John, commissioner of affidavits, Market square.

Places of Worship, and their Ministers
Established Church.
Rev. Robert Thompson, rector; Rev. George M'Namara, curate.
Roman Catholic Chapel.
Rev Eugene O'Reilly, parish priest; Rev. Michael Jones, Rev. Thomas Lynch and Rev. Patrick O'Farrell, curates.
Public Institutions.
Barracks (Constabulary). Alexander Eager, county inspector; George Despard, sub inspector.
Barracks (Military). William Delany, barrack sergeant.
Bridewell, Watergate street, Robert Gerrard, keeper.
Convent of the Virgin, Chapel hill, Mrs. Finn, superioress.
County Infirmary, Ludlow st, Luke Byron, M. D. physician and surgeon; William Timmon, apothecary; Anna Maria Davy, matron; John Quinn, secretary.
Dispensary—Francis D. Hamilton, M.D. and Patrick Jas. Nicolls, M.D. surgeons.
Fever Hospital — Alfred Hudson, physician; Arthur Nicoll, apothecary; Ann Reilly, head nurse.
Savings Bank, Court house — William Legge, secretary.
Stamp Office, Ludlow st—Archibald Nicolls, distributer
Union Workhouse—Mr. Henry Meredyth, chairman of the board, Richd. Lacy, clerk; Austin Cowley, master; Jane Casey, matron; Rev. Robert Thompson, protestant chaplain: Rev. Eugene O'Reilly, catholic chaplain.

Coaches and Cars
To DUBLIN, a Coach (from Kells), calls at Sheerin's Hotel every morning at seven—a Coach (from Enniskillen), every Monday, Wednesday and Friday aftern. at half past four; and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at half past two—and one (from Clones), calls at Brady’s Hotel, Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon at half-past one.
To Cavan, a Coach (from Dublin), calls at Sheerin’s and Brady’s Hotels every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at eleven; goes through Kells.
To Clones, a Coach (from Dublin), calls at Brady's Hotel every Tuesday, Thursday and Sat. forenoon at eleven.
To Drogheda, a Car, from Brady’s Hotel, every morning (Sunday excepted) at eight,
To Enniskillen, a Coach (from Dublin), calls at Sheerin's and Brady's Hotels, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday forenoon at eleven; goes through Kells.
To Kells, Coaches (from Dublin), call at Sheerin's Hotel every forenoon (Sunday excepted), at eleven; and every evening at six.