This poem by Cuan Ó Lothchain was written on the occasion of the revival of the

Aonach Tailteann in 1006 AD by Maelsechnaill, after a break of 79 years.

Four of its verses describe the games and entertainments.


A Fair with gold and silver,

With games, with music of chariots,

With adornment of body and soul

By means of knowledge and eloquence.


A Fair without wounding or robbing of any man,

Without trouble without dispute

Without reaving, without challenge of property,

Without suing, without law sessions,

Without evasion, without arrest.


A Fair without sin, without fraud,

Without reproach, without insult,

Without contention, without seizure,

Without theft, without redemption.


No man going into the seats of the women,

nor woman into the seats of the men, shining fair,

But each in due order by rank,

In his place in the high Fair.