Chadwick's Weir was the subject at questions in the

House of Commons on 3 March 1898

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Mr Patrick O'Brien

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (1) whether he is aware that the weir known as Chadwick's Weir, on the River Boyne, at Navan, was boarded up in such a way during the close season, notably the month of October last, that salmon going up to spawn (with the exception of light fish) were unable to get through the Queen's Gap, and were forced to spawn in unsuitable places where the spawn gets destroyed, and large quantities of the spawning fish also; (2) whether he is also aware that the blocking of this weir left nearly a hundred miles of spawning beds above Navan practically vacant; (3) whether this weir was obstructed with the knowledge and consent of the Fishery Commissioners, or by whose authority; (4) and whether he intends to take any, and, if so, what action in the matter?

Mr Gerald Balfour

I am informed by the Inspectors of Fisheries that the facts are not accurately stated in the first paragraph, and that there is no such stoppage of fish as is suggested.  No objection was raised by the Inspectors to the proposal to partially stop the ladder at the weir, and the matter has also been before the Board of Conservators, who decided that there was not sufficient evidence to show that any damage was done.  As at present advised, I see no reason for taking any action in the matter.

Mr Patrick O'Brien

Was not the object of thus blockading the weir to prevent the fish getting beyond that point to the detriment of the Navan beds?  No reply was given.

Source: Hansard