Court of Claims, Submissions and Evidence 1663,

Edited by Geraldine Tallon,

Published by The Irish Manuscripts, Commission 2006

The Claims of Court was appointed by Charles II to administer the Act of Settlement of 1662.  The submissions and evidence presented before the court were recorded in a manuscript that has survived in the archive of the Armagh Public Library.

The court book lists almost 900 claims of "innocence" submitted from 28 January to 20 August 1663.  There are a few references to Navan.

Page 42, number 141.

Michael Berford.

Lands of Colcot and Boysrath, Barony Navan.

Kilberry, Barony Ratoath and Navan.

The town and lands of Churchtowne and Haltowne, Barony Navan.

Innocent all and restored according to his proof but not to his lands in the Navan.


Page 49, number 156.

Christopher Goulding, gentleman claimeth 60 acres in Antillstowne, Barony Navan.

3 messuages with their backsides in Navan, com’ praedict’, 3 messuages and 140 acres in Ballinter, Barony Screen, com’ praedict’.


Page 89, number 253.

Thomas Dowd of Dublin.

Several houses, cum pertinent’, in the Navan.


Page 276, number 708

Patricke Weldon of Raffin, County Meath.

Nil cum clero coronae nec in saccario.

In the discrimination office: William Robinson swears that he was robbed and despoiled of his goods and chattels by young Fatt Weldon of Rafine, and divers others who had a hand likewise in the robbing of the Protestants at Navan.

Liber p, fol. 229.


Page 316, number 802

Richard Mortimer and Katherine Mortimer, Drogheda.

A morgage of £60 with a recognizance or bond of the staple for £120 sterling for the securing the said morgage upon a house lying in the town of Navan, with thirty acres of arable land, meadow, furze and pasture lying in the liberties of the said town of Navan, with one messuage, a shop or chamber place, cum pertinent’ situate in the east side of the now market cross of the said Navan, and one other messuage, cum pertinent’ in the said town of Navan called the Backhouse, all which are now possession Alson Dunnane, alias Dowding, et al’.


Page 53, number 165

Peter Hussey.

Lescarton, barony of the Navan.


Page 355, number 904

Edward Geoghan,  Mary Geoghan alias Misseret, his wife, claim parish Liscartan, Barony Navan; the towns and lands of Liscartan, possession of Mr. Cadogan, held from some unknown adventurer.

Page 234, number 607


Navan Abbey

Lettice Moule, alias Crowe and Thomas Moule, esquire.

Parcel of the dissolved Abbey of Navan.

Page 316, number 802

Liberties of Navan.


Page 208, section 543.

Nicholas Darcy of Plattin, esquire.

Two houses with appurtenances in Ardbraccan.