Slater's Directory, 1894

Meath is a large maritime county, bounded on the north by the province of Ulster and County Louth, on the northwest by County Cavan, on the east by the Irish sea for an extent of about 8 miles, on the south east by county Dublin, on the south by that of Kildare, on the south west by King's county, and on the west by Westmeath.  It's length, due north and south, is nearly 40 miles, and its breadth from the sea coast, on the east, to the north east corner of Westmeath, is about the same extent.  It's area comprises 576,961 acres of land and 2,965 covered by water.  There are few hills in this county, and these are chiefly in the northern portion; their heights do not run over 800 feet, except Slievenucalleagh, near Oldcastle, 900 feet.  The sea coast, in its small extent from the Boyne to the Delvin, has no harbour or bay.  The principal rivers are the Boyne and the Blackwater; the former divides the county nearly into two equal portions, from its entrance at Clonard until it falls into the sea below Drogheda.  The Blackwater comes out of Cavan, and falls into the Boyne at Navan. The other streams are tributaries to the two main rivers, and intersect the county in different directions.

The soils of Meath vary from deep rich loam to the lightest sandy soil; but those winch prevail are strong clayey loams of various depths lying upon a sub stratum of limestone gravel.  The entire surface of the county may, in a general view, be pronounced as the chief and characteristic portion of the great central plain of Ireland, prevailingly fertile and verdant. There are parts yet occupied by the detached portions of the Bog Allen.  The pastures feed numerous herds and flocks.

The manufactures of the county are unimportant, except for domestic consumption.  The weaving of sacking and sheeting employs a considerable number of hands, particularly on the borders of the county towards Drogheda, and the manufacture of woollen is also carried on in various towns in the county.  The elegant mansions and highly cultivated demesnes of the gentry add to the beauty of the scenery, and the mouldering piles of ruined castles, monasteries and abbeys exist as monuments of the ecclesiastical grandeur that in past times characterized the districts of Meath, and contains the holy city of Kells, where St. Columba dwelt and which contains a fine specimen of the many round towers of Ireland.

The county forms part of the great limestone field which extends over the central portion of Ireland — that mineral constituting its general sub stratum except in some parts of limited extent where the clay slate formation is found.

The Climate of Meath is genial, and less rain falls than even in the upland counties of the north and south.

Civil  Divisions

The county is divided into the two great districts of Dunshaughlin and Kells, the former on the east the latter on the west of the Boyne.  The district of Dunshaughlin is divided into eight baronies; Kells district is divided into ten baronies; these are divided into 14 parishes.  The assizes are held at Trim, and quarter sessions at the same place, and likewise at Dunshaughlin, Duleek Kells and Navan. The county is in the Dublin military district, and there are barrack stations at Navan and Trim.  Prior to the Union, Meath sent fourteen representatives to the Irish Parliament; two for the boroughs of Athboy, Duleek, Kells, Navan, Rataoth and Trim, and two for the county at large — which latter, since the Union, have been its only members.

The Brabazon family take the title of earl from this county.

Ecclesiastically this county is comprised in the Protestant province of Armagh and dioceses of Armagh, Kilmore and Meath, and in the Catholic province of Armagh and dioceses of Armagh and Meath.

The Dublin and Meath branch of the Midland Great Western railway enters the county 2 miles south east of Dunboyne and crosses the county from south to north.  At Kilmessan a branch starts to the north west to Trim and Athboy.  At Navan the Drogheda and Oldcastle branch of the Great Northern railway crosses the Midland Great Western which latter proceeds on to the county boundary, about one mile south of Kingscourt, which is its terminus.  The Great Northern railway leaving Drogheda runs west by south to Navan and thence north west to Kells and Oldcastle, its terminus.  The main line of the Midland Great Western railway, after skirting the southern border from Kilcock to near Enfield, passes for a few miles through the county, quits it, and again a second time passes through by Hill of Down station.


North Meath, comprises the baronies of Fore, Kells Lower, Kells Upper, Morgallion, Slane Lower and Slane Upper, the barony of Navan Lower, and, in the barony of Skreen, the parishes of Athlumney and Ardmulchan.

South Meath, comprises the baronies of Deece Lower, Deece Upper, Duleek Lower, Duleek Upper, Dunboyne, Lune, Moyfenrath Lower, Moyfenrath Upper, Navan Upper and Ratoath, and the barony of Skreen and the parishes of Churchtown and Rataine in the barony of Navan Lower.

Members of Parliament

North Meath, James Gibney esq. Martinstown, Oldcastle.

South Meath, Jeremiah Jordan j.p. High St., Enniskillen


Magistrates Co. Meath

Lieutenant & Custos Rotulorum;

Marquess of Headfort k.p., p.c.. Headfort house, Kells; & 46 Belgrave square, London s w.

Chairman of Quarter Ssssions, His Honor Judge Adye Curran q.c. Ventnor, Isle of Wight.

Lieutenants and Deputy Lieutenants;

Alexander Sir William Ferdinand bart., Cruisetown, Kells.

Athlumney Lord, Somerville house, Navan.

Austin Peter, Beech ville, Beauparc, Drogheda.

Balfour Blayney Reynell Townly, Townley hall, Drogheda.

Ball John, Boherard, Clonmellon.

Battersby Francis R. Bobville, Kells.

Battersby John Albert, Newcastle, Oldcastle.

Battersby John Radcliffe, Loughbawn, Collinstown. Co. Meath.

Battersby Robert Henry, Lakefield, Crossakiel, Kells.

Blackburne Francis William, Slane.

Blake Philip, Ladyrath, Wilkinstown, Navan.

Bligh Major Frederick Charburgh, Brittas, Nobber, Kells.

Bomford John Francis,Drumlargan, Kilcock Co. Kildare.

Bomford Capt. John North,Ferrans, Kilcock Co.Kildare.

Bourke Lieut. General the Hon. John Jocelyn, Hayes, Navan.

Boyne Viscount, Burwarton Hall, Ludlow, Salop; & 16 Grosvenor Gardens, London s w.

Briscoe Gustavus Villiers, Bellinter, Kilcairne, Navan.

Brodigan Col. Francis. Piltown, Drogheda.

Browne Anthony, Elm Grove, Ballivor.

Butler Richard John, Staffordstown, Navan.

Butler Thomas, Priestown House, Priestown, Co. Meath.

Chaloner Claud, King's Fort, Moynalty, Kells.

Coddington Lieut. Col. John N, Old Bridge House, Drogheda.

Coghill Claude Plunket, Bushbrook, Kells.

Colgan Michael A. Johnstown House, Enfield.

Conyngham Marquess of, Slane Castle, Slane.

Cooper Henry Alexander, Cooper's Hill, Julianstown, Drogheda.

Cullen Hugh J. Liscarton, Navan.

Cuppage George William, Riverstown, Trim.

Cusack Sir Ralph Smith, Furry Park, Raheny,  Co. Dublin.

D'Arcy Geo. Jas. Norman, barrister-at-law, Hyde pk. Killucan.

Darnley Earl of, Clifton lodge, Athboy; & 21 Hill Street, London w.

Deane George, Slane.

Dease Col. Gerald Richard, Celbridge Abbey, Celbridge.

DeBathe Sir Henry Perceval bart. Wood End, Chichester, Sussex.

De Bathe Barton, North Tawton, Devon; & 123 Victoria Street, London s w.

Delaney Mark, Dunmore, Navan.

Delany James, Grennanstown, Athboy.

Dillon Sir John Fox bart. Lismullen, Navan.

Donaldson Richard, Hartlands, Clonmellon.

Donegan Patrick, Cruicerath, Mulhuddert, Co. Dublin.

Donovan James Tertius, Parsonstown, Slane.

Dove William, Kilcairne House, Navan.

Dunne Patrick John, Carrolstown, Trim.

Dunsany Lord, Dunsany Castle, Dunsany.

Danville Robert Grimshaw, Sion House, Navan.

Dyas Nathaniel H. Athboy Lodge, Athboy.

Everard Major Nugent Talbot, Randalstown, Navan.

Farrell Edward Francis, Moynalty, Kells.

Farrell John Arthur, Moynalty House, Kells.

Farrell Thomas Arthur, 37 Merrion Square East, Dublin.

Fitzherbart Captain Richard Ruxton, Black Castle, Navan.

Fowler Robert, Rahinston, Enfield.

Fowler Captain Robert Henry, Boyne Hill, Navan.

Garnett John Paine, Arch Hall, Navan.

Gasteen Philip, Clonard, Hill of Down.

Gernan Col. Henry Chester, Athcarne Castle, Duleek, Drogheda.

Gerrard Thomas, Gibbstown, Navan.

Gibson the Hon. William.

Goodman Walter J. Freffans Little, Laracor, Trim.

Gormanston Viscount K.C.M.O. Gormanston Castle, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin.

Gradwell George Fitz Gerald, Platten Hall, Drogheda

Greene John, Gaulstown House, Balrath, Navan.

Hamilton Archibald Henry, Ballymacoll House,Dunboyne.

Hamilton Charles Robert, Hamwood, Clonee.

Hamilton Henry Alexander, Rochfort house, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin.

Hamilton Trevor Richard.Vessingstown House, Dunboyne.

Harman William, Crossdrum, Oldcastle.

Hartley Capt. Rd. Wilson, Beech Park, Clonsilla, Dublin.

Herd Alexander E. S. div. com. Midland div, Mullingar.

Hopkins William, Gravelmont, Navan.

Hussey Edward Horatio, Rathkenny, Slane.

Jameson Robert D'Arcy, Delvin lodge, Gormanstown, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin.

Johnston Col. Henry Stuart, Stirling, Clonee.

Kearney John, Miltownhouse, Clonmellon.

Keating John, Cabra house, Moynalty, Kells.

Kelly Francis James, Thomastown, Duleek, Drogheda.

Kerr George Rait, New Haggard House, Trim.

Kilroy William Wesley, Moat, Oldcastle.

Langford Lord, Summerhill House, Enfield.

Law John Aughtry, Ardbraccan Palace, Navan.

Lennon George Loman Hotwell, Enfield & 29 Prussia St. Dublin.

Leonard John, Macetown Cottage, Tara, & St. Anne's, Donnybrook, Co. Dublin.

Leonard Thomas, Warrenstown, Dunsany.

Logan Nicholas Robert, Smithdown, Dunshaughlin.

Lucas Deputy Insp. Gen. Leonard K.N. Woodford House, Kingscourt, Co. Cavan.

Lynch Joseph Fitzgerald, Roebuck House, Mount Nugent, Virginia.

M'Cormick Christopher, Ellickstown, Dunboyne.

M'Donnell James, Kilshawan, Drogheda.

M'Veagh George Brooke, Drewstown, Kells.

Mangan Simon, Dunboyne Castle, Dunboyne.

Markey Nicholas, Clashford, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin.

Martley Francis Blackburne, 7 Crosthwaite Park w. Kingstown.

Masterson James John, farmer, Carraghtown, Moynalty, Kells.

Matthews Patrick, Mountanover, Drogheda.

Maynard John Percy Gordon, The Manor, Ratoath.

Metge Robert Henry, Athlumney, Kilcairne, Navan.

Montgomery Captain Allen, Kilmer House, Ballivor.

Moore Robert Tunstall Tunstall, Stadalt, Balbriggan.

Morris Edmund, Gaulstown, Dunshaughlin.

Murphy George Fitzgerald, The Grange, Dunsany.

Murphy James O'C. Breemount House, Laracor, Trim.

Murtagh Owen, Castletown House, Athboy.

Naper James Lenox, Loughcrew, Oldcastle.

Nicholson Gilbert, Glenmore, Drogheda.

Nicholson John Hampden, Balrath, Burry, Kells.

Nugent Richard.

O'Connor Matthew Richard Weld. Baltrasna, Oldcastle.

O'Reilly Francis John M.D. Mornington House, Trim.

Osborne Charles William, Rosnaree, Slane.

Osborne Francis Chis. Sinithstown Ho., Julianstown, Drogheda.

Penrose James Edward, Frankville, Athboy.

Pepper Major Charles, Ballygarth Castle, Julianstown, Drogheda.

Plunkett Hon. Horace Curzon M.P.  B.A. Dunsany Castle, Dunsany, Navan; & 10 B, Mount Street, London w.

Pollock Major Arthur John Osborne, Newcastle House, Kingscourt, Co. Cavan.

Pollock John Napier George, Mountainstown, Navan.

Preston the Hon. Edward Francis John, Erwood hall, Buxton, Derbyshire.

Preston Nathaniel Francis, Swainstown, Dunsany, Navan.

Preston the Hon. Thomas, Silverstream, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin; & 6 Queensbury Place, London s w.

Radcliff William Perkins, Hurdlestown, Kells.

Radcliffe George Edward, Wilmount, Kells.

Read William Thos. Robertstown, Ashbourne, Co. Dublin.

Roberts Captain John Richard, Dorunstown, Navan.

Rotheram Edward, Crossdrum, Oldcastle.

Rotherham Morgan Hugh, Belview, Cnissakiel, Kells.

Rothwell Thomas B. A. Rockfield House, Kells.

Roundtree Edward, Maio, Bailieborough,  Co. Cavan.

Rowley Col. the Hon. Hercules Longford, Marley Grange, Rathfarnham, Dublin.

Saurin Michael James Joseph, Harristown House & Mullafin, Kinnegad, Killucan.

Saurin Patrick Matthew Vincent, Garballagh, Duleek, Drogheda.

Sclater John Edward Fowler, Caddagh, Navan.

Sheridan John Edward, Macetown, Tara, Navan.

Singleton Rear-Admiral Uvedale Corbet, Aclare house, Drumconrath, Ardee, Co. Louth.

Smith Fitz Henry Augustus, Besborough, Balrath, Navan.

Smith Thomas, land valuer, Drumlane, Moynalty, Kells.

Steen Laurence, Castle Odder, Tara.

Steen Patrick Thomas.

Stokes Robert Baret, div. com.

Taaffe Stephen, Glenkeiran, Ardee.

Thompson William, Ratlmally, Trim.

Thunder James, Duleek, Drogheda.

Thunder Lattin, Kingston Lodge, Navan.

Thunder Michael Harman D'Alton, Seneschalstown, Beauparc, Drogheda.

Thunder Patrick, Langove, Dunshaughlin.

Tiernan Andrew.

Tiernan John Morris, Rathkenny, Slane.

Tisdall George Archibald, Tullyard, Trim.

Trotter David M.D. Summerhill, Enfield.

Tuthill Christopher Devonshire.

Wade Craven Henry Clotworthy, Rockfield, Wicklow.

Wade Robert Craven, Clonebraney, Crossakiel, Kells & Rockville, Wicklow.

Walker Charles Edward, Bellair, Moynalty, Kells.

Walker Henry, Craigmore, Nobber, Kells.

Waller William Newcome, Allenstown House, Kells.

Ward Laurence, Norman's Grove, Clonee.

Wilkinson John, Corballis, Dunsany.

Winter James Saunderson, Agher, Enfield.

Woods Edward Hamilton, Milverton Hall, Skerries, Co. Dublin.

Woods Richard Taylor, Whitestown House, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin.

Clerk of the Peace

George Knight, Crown Office, Trim.

Resident Magistrates

Meldon Albert J. barrister-at-law, Ardmulchan, Navan

Olphert Robert F. barrister-at-law, Heathstown, Athboy.

Deputy Lieutenant

Who is not a Magistrate for the County. Fingall Right Hon. Earl of p.c. (Irel), Killeen Castle, Dunsany.

Officials Co. Meath

Chairman of Quarter Sessions, His Honor Judge Adye Curran Q.C. Ventnor, Isle of Wight.

Clerk of the Crown, George Knight, Court House, Trim.

Assistant to Clerk of Crown & Peace, Robert T. Love, Court House, Trim.

Crown Solicitor, John Givan, Martray Ho. Ballygawley.

Sessional Crown Solicitor, Geo. Keogh, S2 Westland Row, Dublin.

Treasurer, Bank of Ireland, Navan.

Secretary to the Grand Jury, Lieut. Col. J. N. Coddington, Court House, Trim.

County Surveyor, Joseph H. Moore, 63 Eccles St. Dublin.

Assistant Surveyors.

Thomas Allen, Kings Court;

Charles K. Douglas, Rathtmolyon;

Joseph Allen, Drogheda;

W. W. Kilroy, Oldcastle;

R. S. Barnes, Navan;

F. Lloyd Legatt, Dumboyne;

Coroner, John Reilly, Dunshaughlin, Trim;

Sub-Sheriff, John I.owry, Bachelor's Lodge, Navan.

Cess Collectors Co. Meath

Deece Lower, John M. Purdon, Cloneymore, Athlone.

Deece Upper, John M. Purdon, Cloneymore, Alhlone.

Demifore, William O'Neill, Crossakiel, Kells.

Duleek Lower, Duleek Upper, John Carpenter, Brownstown Park.

Navan, Dunboyne, John William Wilkinson, Powerstown, Clonee.

Kells Lower, Richard Telvin, Headfort Place, Kells.

Kells Upper, W. A. Barnes, Westland, Moynalty, Kells.

Lune, Edward Gill, Trim.

Morgallian, A. J. Walker, Bellair, Moynalty, Kells.

Moyfenrath Lower, Garrett Gill, Rathmolyon, Enfield.

Moyfenrath Upper, Frederick Copperthwaite, Clonard, Hill of Down.

Navan Lower, Robert Rennicks, Bohermeen, Navan.

Navan Upper, Christopher Carleton, Littlerath, Trim.

Ratoath, John Wm. Wilkinson, Powerstown, Clonee.

Skreen, John Wilkinson, Corballis, Dunsany.

Slane Lower, Alex. J. Walker, jun. Bellair, Moynalty, Kells.

Slane Upper.


5th Battalion (Royal Meath Militia). Head Quarters, Navan.

Commandant, Hon. Col. H. S. Johnston Instructor of Musketry.

Capt. R. T. Woods, Adjutant.

Capt. G. J. D. Browne Quartermaster.

Hon. Lieut. S. Preston.

Royal Irish Constabulary

Co. Meath.

County Inspector, James Cunningham Mills, Trim.

District Inspectors' Stations: Athboy, Dunshauglilin, Kells, Navan, Slane & Trim


Co. Meath. County Infirmary, Navan.

Surgeon, Lawrence Patrick Joseph Finegan L.R.C.P.I.

Apothecary, John Patrick Timmon.

Secretary, W. Meek.

Navan , formerly a parliamentary borough, is a market and union town, Co. Meath, chiefly in the parish of its name, but partly in that of Donaghmore, barony of Lower Navan, head of petty sessional division and dispensary district, diocese of Meath, with a station on the Great Northern and the Midland Great Western railway, 23 miles north north west from Dublin and 16 ½ south west from Drogheda, agreeably situated at the junction of the Boyne and Blackwater rivers, which are crossed by two stone bridges.

This was one of the first boroughs established by the English in the palatine of Meath, and was brought into notice through the patronage of the baron of Navan, who about the close of the twelfth century, founded an abbey here for Augustinian canons. The town consists of several principal streets, with others of less importance.  The corn and flour trade is very great in Navan, owing chiefly to the facilities afforded by the above named rivers, and the navigable cut to Drogheda.  These streams work numerous flour mills and a woollen mill, carried on by Messrs F. and J. Clayton and Co. Limited.  There is one tannery in the town, and an establishment for the making of farming implements, also two well conducted hotels.  Branches of the Bank of Ireland, the Belfast Bank and the Hibernian Bank are established here.  The public buildings and institutions, besides those for divine service, are a county infirmary, a fever hospital, a dispensary, a court house and a union workhouse, erected in 1841 at a cost of £7,000 for 1,134 inmates.

Navan was incorporated by charter of Edward IV and subsequent charters, and sent two members to the Irish Parliament unto the Legislative Union.  The town is now governed by commissioners, and is lighted with gas.  Among the attractive residences of Navan is Black Castle, on the banks of the Boyne and Blackwater, the seat of Richard R. Fitzherbert esq. J.P.  The Protestant church is a modern edifice, with a fine pinnacled tower.  The handsome Catholic church; the convent, with its garden, and the priest's residence form a highly ornamental group.  Within the town is St. Finian's Catholic academy, founded in 1802, in which youths are prepared for the priesthood and the learned professions.  The school, endowed by Alderman Preston, of Dublin, affords also education, of a superior order, to Protestants. There are National schools in the town, besides that in the convent for females.

The market days are Wednesday and Saturday, and fairs are held monthly, and an extra one in the months of April, September and October.  The acreage and population have been included with the township.  The area comprises 455 acres; the population in 1891 was 3,963.

Post, Money Order & Telegraph Office & Savings Bank, Watergate.—Robert Boylan, postmaster. Deliveries 7 & 11.25 a.m. & 8.15 p.m.; Sunday, 10.30a.m. ; dispatches; 10.25 a.m. & 3.15, 6.25 & 10.30 p.m.; Sunday, 10.30. p.m.

The Petty Sessional division comprises 43,754 acres, containing 112 townlands; the population in 1891 was 10,116.

A Court is held every alternate Wednesday.

Navan Union

Board meets every Wednesday at 12 noon. The union comprises the electoral divisions of Ardbraccan, Ardmulchan, Bective, Castletown, Donaghpatrick, Kentstown, Navan, Painestown,    Rathkenny, Slane, Stackallan, Tara.

Valuation, £99,318; acreage, 94,474 acres; Population, 16,099.

Clerk & Supt. Registrar, George Lacy.

Registrar of Marriages, William Meeke.

Dispensary District Medical Officers & Registrars of Births & Deaths;

Navan district, Y. W.Sullivan L.H. C.P. & S.I.; Painestown,

R. Cronin L.R.C.P.Edin., L.F.P.S. Glasgow; Castletown,

E.Phillips L.R.C.P. & S. Edin.

Workhouse Medical Officer; L. P. Finnegan L.R.C.P. & S.I.

Chaplains; Church of Ireland, Rev. James B. Keene M.A.; Catholic, Rev. Denis Flynn c.c.

County Infirmary; Lawrence Patrick Joseph Finegan L.R.C.P.I. surgeon ; John Patrick Timmon, apothecary ; W. Meek, sec.

Fever Hospital; Lawrence Patrick Joseph Finegan L.R.C.P.I. surgeon.

Stamp Office; Watergate Street, Robert Boylan, distributor.

Sub Sheriff for Co. Meath; Joseph Lowry esq. Bachelor's lodge.

Barracks (Constabulary); Walter G. Duff, district inspector; Michael Lavin, head constable.

Barracks (Military); John Doran, barrack sergeant 5th Battalion.

The Prince of Wales' Leinster Regiment (Royal Meath Militia), Hon. Col. H. S. Johnson, commandant;

Capt. R. T. Woods, instructor of musketry;

Capt. G. J. D. Browne, adjutant;

Hon. Lieut. S. Preston, quartermaster;

Permanent Staff offices, Flower Hill.

Church of Ireland;

Rev. James B. Keene M.A.

Catholic, Bishop's Parish; Rev. Peter McNamee Admr.; Rev. Denis Flynn c.c.;  Rev. P. Farrell c.c.

For particulars of diocese see Mullingar.

Convent (Loretto), Chapel hill, Aloysius Barry, superioress.

Convent (Sisters of Mercy), Leesbrook, Magdalene Nelson, superioress.

Saint Finian's Catholic Academy, Academy street;

Rev. Michael Dooly, principal;

Rev. Christopher Murray, arithmetic tutor;

Rev. Michael Lanigan, algebra tutor;

Rev. Thomas Gilsenan, euclid tutor;

Rev. Michael Lanigan, Latin tutor;

Rev. Christopher Murray, Greek tutor;

Rev. Michael Dooly, English tutor;

Rev. Thomas Gilsenan, physical science;

National Schools

Loretto Convent, Chapel Hill, Sister Bernard, teacher.

Flower Hill, Robert Butler, master.

Johnstown, Patrick Sheridan, master.

Sisters of Mercy Convent, Leigh Brook; Magdeline Nelson, superioress.

Railway Station (Great Northern), William J. Jannett, station master;

Midland Great Western. William Egan, station master.

Private Residents

Boylan George, Flower Hill.

Cole Rev. Dermot p.p. Bohermeen.

Dooly Rev. Michael, Academy Street.

Dunville Robert G. J.P. Sion House.

Farrell Rev. Patrick c.c.

Finegan Laurence P. J. Bridge Street.

Flynn Rev. Denis c.c.

Ford William, Dunmoe Cottage.

Fowler Capt. Robert H., Boyne Hill.

Garnett John P. j.p., Arch Hall.

Gilsenan Rev. Thomas, Academy Street.

Gore Hugh, Boyne View.

Handley John P., Knockboyne.

Hopkins William j.p., Gravelmont.

Keene Rev. James B. M.A., The College.

Kersteman Col. Jeremiah B., Green Mount.

Lanigan Rev. Michael, Academy Street.

Lowry Joseph, Bachelor's Lodge.

McGusty William, Church Hill.

M'Namee Rev. Peter Adm., Parochial Ho.

Markey Patk. Hibernian Bank, Market Sq.

Murray Rev. Christopher, Academy St.

Nichol Mrs. B., Belmount.

O'Hagan Mrs. Anne, Boyne Cottage.

Pentony John, Beach Mount.

Reilly Thomas, Academy Street.

Roberts Capt. John R. j.p., Dormstown.

Sclater Edward F. j.p., Caddagh.

Spicer John, Blackwater.

Sullivan Francis W., Church Hill.

Sullivan John C., Church Hill.

Thunder Lattin, j.p., Kingston Lodge.

Turner Isaac, Bank of Ireland, Trimgate Street.

Vanghey James, Wood View.


Aikins Thos. civil bill officer, Flower Hill.

Allen Patrick, boot dealer & pawnbroker, Watergate Street.

Bank of Ireland (branch), Isaac Turner, agent; John G. Fishbourne, subagent; Trimgate Street.

Beggan John, grocer & spirit dealer, Trimgate Street.

Belfast Bank (branch); William M'Gusty, manager, Church Hill; draws on the Union Bank, London.

Bennett John, confectioner & tobacconist, Trimgate Street.

Bermingham Patrick, grocer & provision dealer, Ludlow Street.

Blake Patrick, blacksmith, Watergate St.

Boylan George, baker, Watergate St.

Boylan George, miller, Flower Hill.

Brady Bridget, confectioner, Market Sq.

Brady Michael, tailor, Flower Hill.

Brady Nicholas, car owner & eating house, Trimgate Street.

Brady Thomas, spirit dealer, Market Sq.

Branigan Lawrence, plumber & gasfitter, Trimgate Street.

Brennan Ellen, boot maker, Trimgate St.

Brennan Jane, boot maker & leather seller, Trimgate Street.

Brock William, grocer & spirit dealer, Market Square.

Buchanan Michael, grocer & spirit dealer, Market Square.

Caffrey Catherine, grocer & spirit dealer, Watergate Street.

Cahill James, blacksmith, Madge Lane.

Caldwell Mary, eating & lodging house, Trimgate Street.

Callaghan Christopher, corn & flour dealer, Trimgate Street.

Callaghan Michael, carpenter, Upper Railway Street.

Carpenter James, grocer & spirit dealer, Trimgate Street.

Carpenter Lawrence, baker & grocer, Cannon Row.

Carry Bridget, stationer, Trimgate St.

Casey Bartle, draper, Market Square.

Clarke Daniel, corn & flour dealer & grocer, Trimgate Street.

Clayton F. J. & Co. Limited, worsted & woollen manufacturers, Navan Mills.

Clusker Patrick, boot & shoe maker, Flower Hill.

Coldrick Patrick, butcher, Watergate St.

Commins, Joseph, grocer & spirit dealer, Watergate Street.

Connell, Patrick, Market Sq.

Connor, John, tinsmith, Old Corn Markt.

Coogan, John, baker & flour dealer, Watergate Street.

Cooke, Joseph, tailor, Ludlow Street.

Cox, Bernard, blacksmith, New Lane.

Cregan, Joseph, grocer & spirit dealer, Ludlow Street.

Crinion, Edward, grocer, spirit dealer & hardwareman, Market Square.

Crinnion, Maria, corn & flour dealer & grocer, Ludlow Street.

Curr, William, jun. builder, coal, timber, slate, brick & tile mercht. Academy St.

Curtis, Patrick, boot ma. Old Corn. Markt.

Daly, Philip, saddler, Watergate Street.

Denning, Michael, grocer & spirit dealer, Flower Hill.

Dimond, George, apothecary, Church View.

Donohoe, Ellen, fruiterer, Trimgate St.

Dunne, P. & M. coal merchant, hardware dealer,  grocer & spirit dealer, Trimgate Street.

Everard, James, grocer & spirit dealer, Market Square.

Farrelly, James, blacksmith, Academy St.

Fegan, Patrick, grocer, Watergate St.

Finegan, James, car owner, grocer & spirit dealer, Railway Street.

Finegan, Lawrence Patrick Joseph L.H.C.P.I,  physician &; surgrn. Bridge St.

Finegan, Patrick, butcher, Trimgate St.

Finegan, Peter, ironmonger, grocer &, spirit dealer, Ludlow Street.

Finnegan, James, grocer, Bridge Street.

Finucane, James, draper & milliner, Ludlow Street.