Roman Catholic Diocese of Meath

The Parliamentary Gazetteer 0f Ireland, 1844-184, Vol. 2

The Roman Catholic diocese of Meath in divided into 64 parishes, and has 62 parochial clergy, and 69 coadjutor clergy or curates.  The bishop's parishes are Mullingar and Kells; and the cathedral chapel is at Mullingar.  The principal existing monastic establishments are Lovett (This should be Loreto) house at Navan, and the new convent of the Sisters of Mercy at Tullamore.  The names of the 64 parishes, and of the sites of the chapels in each, are as follow:
1.  Mullingar: Mullingar, Walshestown, Gainstown, and private chapels in the gaol and
2.  Kells: Kells and Girley;
3.  Clara: Clara and Horse leap;
4.  Kinnegad: Kinnegad, Caralstown, and Clonard;
5.  Castlepollard: Castlepollard, Rock, Millhook and Tullystown;
6.  Castletown: Castletown, Geoghegan, and Raheenmore;
7.  Ratoath: Ratoath and Ashbourne;
8.  Castletown: Castletown, Kilpatrick, and Fletcherstown;
9.  Ballymore: Ballymore and Boher;
10. Rathcondra: Millton and Empor;
11. Rahan: Killina, Lynallv, and Island;
12. Kilbride: Mount Nugent and Ballinacree;
13. Multifarnham: Multifarnham, Laney, Portneshangan, and Lacken;
14. Grangegate: Grangemount and Newton;
15. Broughilnebracney: Broughilnebracney and Castlejordan;
16. Kilmessan: Kilmessan and Dunsany;
17. Drumrany: Drumrany;
18. Moynalty: Moynalty and Newcastle:
19. Castletowndelvin: Castletowndelrin and Killua;
20. Longwood: Longwood and Killyon;
21. Moyvore: Moyvore and Ballyhurra;
22. Lobinstown: Lobinstown, Siddan, and Newton;
23. Curraha: Curraha and Greenogue;
24. Dunboyne: Dunboyne and Kilbride;
25. Nobber: Nobber and Cruiston;
26. Duleek: Duleek, Bellestown. and Boolies;
27. Noil: Noil and Kilkenny (West);
28. Kilskere: Kilskere and Ballinlong;
29. Kilbarry: Kilbarry and Orristown;
30. Bohermeen: Bohermeen, Curristown, and Boyerstown;
31. Summerhill: Summerhill and Dangan;
32. Dunderry: Maymot and Cresses;
33. Ardcath: Ardcath and Clonalry;
34. Oldcastle: Oldcastle and Drummond;
35. Dunshaughlin: Dunshaughlin and Cormullin;
36. Turbotstown: Turbotstown and Faugatstown;
37. Batterstown: Batterstown, Kilcloon, and Kilcock;
38. Frankford: Frankford and Ballyboy:
39. Moynalvy: Moynalvy and Gratrim;
40. Churchtown: Churchtown and Loughnavallv;
41. Kildalky: Kildalky;
42. Collistown: Coliinstown and Fore;
43. Turin: Turin and Mountain;
44. Sonna: Sonna and Ballincargy.
45. Eglish: Eglish and Thomastown;
46. Clonmellon: Clonmellon and Killallon;
47. Stamullen: Stamullen, Keenony, and Julianstown;
48. Slane: Slane, Rathkenny, and Rushwee;
49. Trim:  Trim, Boardsmill, and a private chapel in the gaol;
50. Tobber and Kilmainhain: Tobber and Belllagh.
51. Tullamore: Tullamore, Dunen, and a private chapel in the gaol;
52. Navan: Navan;
53. Balliver: Balliver;
54. Kilnean:  Rathwire and Raharney;
55. Kilbeggan: Kilbeggan and Rahue;
56. Kingscourt: Kingscourt and Muff;
57. Johnstown: Johnstown;
58. Athboy: Athboy;
59. Rochfordbridge: Milltown and Midian;
60. Blacklion: Blacklion and Yellow Furze;
6l.  Carnaross: Carnaross and Dulane;
62. Drumcondra: Drumcondra and Ardagh;
63. Rathmolian: Johnstown and Kill;
64. Rosnaree: Rosnaree and Dunover; and
65. Corrolanstown: Corrolanstown and Stahalmuck.