Bronze Dagger from Bohermeen as recorded by

the National Museum of Ireland

Bronze Dagger (Reg No: 1970:215) (Store OC1:3)

Greetagh or Ongenstown, Martry, Lwr. Navan

Raphael J. Waldron, North Circular Road, Dublin 1, on behalf of his late father Francis Leo Waldron formerly of Navan Vocational School.

Nature of site: Bog

Bronze dagger with dark patination all over. The hafting plate is roughly trapezoidal. The remains of 2 rivet holes occur on this plate. Below the hafting plate the sides are markedly concave. This evens out and the blade, oval in section, for most of its length tapers gently towards the point which is now missing.

Length: 35.5cm

Width of Hafting plate: 3.2cm

Min. width of blade: .5mm Max top of blade: 3.2mm

Estimated average depth of rivet holes: 7mm.

Found at an unknown depth in bog at Bohermeen, Co. Meath some 30 – 35 years ago (1970).